How to create a Google account with fake phone number

How to create a Google account with fake phone number

What you need to know?

Can I create a Google account without a phone number?

Yes, Google hasn’t stopped you from creating accounts without entering your phone number. You can still create an account without linking your phone number. You won’t always need to verify your identity by texting or calling, but only in some cases.

Why the system asks for your phone number and how to avoid it?

This usually happens if the user has registered too many accounts, often enters the wrong password, or logs in from IP addresses that exhibit suspicious activity.

There are a few tricks to improve your chances of success. If you can’t start an account without linking to a number, try the following

  • Log out of your current account before creating a new one.
  • Connect via mobile internet or another network other than your usual one.
  • Use a different computer or Android device.
  • Specify age 15 or younger when registering.
  • Do not create an account from the Google homepage, but from the “Account” section of this link.

How to create a Google account without a phone number

You can sign up for a Google account without a phone number from the browser on your computer or smartphone, or through the settings of any Android device. The algorithm is the same in all cases and does not differ much.

How to create a Google account without a phone number in the browser on a computer or smartphone?

Follow the link and click “Create account”.

Fill in the first and last name, choose a username and password and then press “Next”.

Enter your backup email address so that you can regain access to your account if you forget your password. Enter your date of birth, gender and click “Next” again.

Familiarise yourself with the terms of use and agree to them by clicking “Accept”.

Your account should then be up and running. You may be reminded by Google when you log back in that you didn’t provide a number and asked if you want to continue without it. Then simply press “Confirm”.

What do I do if Google asks for my phone number?

Today, you can use virtual numbers to create any quantity of profiles on this source. If you choose this strategy, you can be sure that you will successfully pass registration without any problems and avoid being blocked by the security system. It will take you just 5 minutes to cope with the entire procedure, and, as for the cost, prices start from 5 cents.

One of the ways to get a virtual number is turning to This website can boast multiple advantages compared to the competitors. It is very convenient and user-friendly, prices are lower than those offered by other platforms, and you can choose the country, to which the operator is linked.

From this moment, you can use it to create Google account without phone. Enter it into the registration form and receive the activation code to your personal profile at To do this, click “Get SMS”. In such a way, you can sign up for an infinite quantity of accounts, the only limit is your budget.

Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here

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