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How to get US phone number for SMS

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Nowadays every business need advertisement. Of course every company is oriented not only on domestic market. And it is well-known that US market is the biggest. But you have to get US phone number to start campaign. Let’s check how we can easily do that with

What is virtual phone number?

Technologies grow and improve rapidly. And now you don’t have to buy physical SIM-card to get phone number. There are lots of opportunities like eSIM, VoIP numbers and so on. Let’s briefly determine meaning:

Virtual number – phone number that you don’t have access to physically. In fact, there are no information about mobile operator, location, type of SIM. For example, you can get US virtual phone number at Google Voice and other services be like. That number allows you to:

  • Get inbound and outbound SMS
  • Receive calls
  • Retranslate calls to your cellphone.

Why do you need US virtual phone number?

At first, upmeant options allow you to have contact with your customers in US and Canada without roaming. You can start marketing SMS sending without huge commissions that can be if you use domestic mobile number.

Secondly, you can make unlimited amount of Google Voice numbers (here can help unlimited amount of Google accounts). More GVoice – more US mobile numbers.

Very useful, isn’t it? But there is new once: that number is hard to get and hard to use in other applications to sign up. But we found solution.

How to get USA number for SMS

In various apps you can easily sign up with confirmation SMS: Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, YouTube, Telegram, eBay, Amazon. And you can get hundreds and thousands daily without any troubles. Let’s check how SMS-Man does it.

I won’t explain you how to sign up somewhere with its numbers, but I’ll show you, how easy is to take it.

  1. Firstly, let’s sign up SMS-Man. smsman-sign-up
  2. After that we have to top up balance. Yes, numbers is not free, but you won’t find good service with high quality virtual numbers for free. You can charge on “Payment” page with one of given methods.smsman-paymentsmsman-payment-methods
  3. After topping up let’s return to the main page and check countries list. Here you can find almost every country you know, including USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and others.smsman-countries
  4. Well, now we can find needed to sign up app and take number. Every service has a price right to button “Buy”. That money will be charged only after receiving SMS. Also you can reject number for free before SMS. Very easy and useful.
  5. You can also get a number for free to register in our Telegram chat.

Why it costs so?

Let’s compare two prices: real SIM-card and virtual mobile number.

In first case you will pay at least 3$ monthly for operator, 1-2$ for delivery and your SIM can be blocked any time if it was bought not by your ID card. It will be very sad to lose 5-10$ immediately without access to SMS, signed up apps, contacts and other information from mobile.

But when you pay 0.1-0.4$ for virtual phone number, you:

  • Get 1 SMS which allows you to sign up anywhere.
  • Account will be usable until blocking. Of course it won’t be blocked if you don’t break the rules.
  • For 5$ you will get for example 15 Facebook accounts which can be used for your advertisement campaign.
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