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Rent phone number with usable Telegram bot


To rent phone number — is a very hard task nowadays. You need to give tons of personal information and pay per each bit of traffic, and it is easier to buy a new SIM. But today SMS-Man will change your point of view about the topic. Stay tuned, we are starting.

What is the rent phone number?

Rental phone numbers — special phone numbers which allow you to get an infinite amount of SMS instead of 1 (in the case of simple SMS numbers). It is usable for those services where you have to receive SMS twice or even more times. That means that if you have to receive an SMS after the first SMS with OTP (for example, such a system works on Twitter), you will be able to do this easily.

One more good moment about rental numbers. You receive the whole text of the message which allows you to get text OTPs or prevent any parsing issues.

Why do you need to rent a phone number?

I prefer rent numbers for a few reasons:

  • Second SMS: the main advantage of rental phone numbers, I think there is no need to explain this feature
  • Lots of services on one number: you can rent a number, and use it in different services to feel convenient about logging in to these accounts. Also, you can get so many SMS that it will be cheaper to rent numbers than buy single numbers separately.
  • Quality: when you rent a number, the quality of the number can’t be argued, you will receive every SMS that number gets. A single phone number can sometimes lose the SMS or be banned, sometimes it happens

But there are also cons:

  • Price: rental numbers are much more expensive than single numbers
  • Discounts: there are no possible ways to get discounts. Check our guide about NFT discounts for single numbers.
  • Rental length: if you rent a number for 1 day, you can’t extend the renting length.

In my honest opinion, I still prefer rental numbers, but you can use single numbers through the Telegram bot. If you want to check how rental numbers work, check out our free channel!

Where can you rent a number?

There are lots of toll-free number providers, but I prefer SMS-Man as one and the only.

In SMS-Man shop, you can buy rental numbers from more than 15 countries for millions of existing services, because there are no constraints about services like in single numbers. Try it out and use our special bot, I will show you how to use it.

How to use rent numbers Telegram bot?

Go through this step-by-step guide and find out how you can easily use our convenient Telegram bot.

  1. Log in to your Telegram account
  2. Go to
  3. Press “Start”Screenshot
  4. Choose balance and top up your balance with suitable crypto. I prefer TON
  5. Now you can press “Rent number”
  6. Choose the duration of the number’s rent. I prefer 4 hours.Screenshot
  7. Select a suitable country. I prefer Indonesia.Screenshot
  8. Now you have a ready-made rental number to receive any SMS you want.Screenshot
  9. You can use this number anywhere, all apps are open for you now, stay tuned!

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