How to buy a virtual number for Telegram in 2 minutes?
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Virtual number for Telegram


Telegram is a messenger for exchanging data between users. It allows you to have private or group conversations, subscribe to channels, create conferences and use/create bots. It also supports the exchange of files, multimedia in different formats. Well, the owner and main developer is Pavel Durov. Yes, yes, the very creator of the social network VKontakte. And now let’s talk about everything in order and in detail.

Main feature of Telegram

The main feature of the app is the privacy of all users. However access to personal files is strictly forbidden to anyone other than the account holder, and correspondence is only visible to the chat creator and the person you are chatting with. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Also, when you register each user is given a unique “nickname” and the created account is linked to your phone number. Correspondingly, to be authorised on another device, you will have to be verified by a code from a text message. In other words, no one else can access your account without a phone number.

Buy a virtual number to receive Telegram SMS

It’s not a secret that you can use virtual numbers to avoid leaking your personal data and stop receiving spam messages to your number. But finding a reliable service in 21 century is complicated. We are glad to introduce to you our service “Sms-man” which offers to buy a virtual number for Telegram from 5 cents.We have collected for you Telegram SMS activation numbers from 236 countries. You need to fund your account with Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash or Coinbase exchanger/wallet.

Buying a virtual number for Тelegram became even easier, as we have prepared a step-by-step instruction for our customers:

  1. Firstly you need to register on Registration process is simple, just use email and create password.(Don’t forget to confirm your email)


2.Secondly you will need to open the “Payment” section and recharge balance with Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash or exchange/wallet Coinbase.


3. Go to the main page and click on “Choose an application”.

4. Enter in the search box the name of the messenger, as shown on the photo.


5. A huge list with virtual numbers for Telegram opens in front of you. Choose one of them by clicking the “Get” button next to it.

6. If you have not copied the number you bought, copy it in the “History” section.

7. Open service, choose the country code of the mobile operator and insert the copied number in the lower field.

8. You can get the activation code sent in the SMS in the section “History” clicking on the button “Get SMS”.

9. Copy the code and paste it into the registration field and press “Next”.

Done. In this way, it is possible to register many accounts on the popular Russian messenger using virtual numbers for Telegram. Each of them costs only 7 cents.

How to get discount with SMS-MAN NFT?

SMS-Man has its own collection of NFTs. There are around 100 NFTs. With these NFTs you are able to get discounts of 10% to 15% on the most popular services like Telegram from USA. All you need is a TRON wallet.  When you buy our NFT you will get a unique picture from SMS-MAN.  You can also get a free number to sign up for Telegram on our channel. We refresh numbers every 8 hours in there. You can use them in all available services of our website without being charged.
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virtual number for Telegram
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