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How to use WhatsApp without number verification

WhatsApp without SIM

WhatsApp is operated by more than 2 billion people from more than 180 countries. They use it to maintain contact with other people around the world. Since this platform operates online, performing that is possible at any time if there is an internet connection. So, it is not only simple but also one of those must-have services for everyone who uses a mobile phone. The only thing is that there is obligatory mobile cell phone number verification when registering which is obviously not suitable for everyone. Thousands of people don’t want to go through this process for security purposes or even don’t have the opportunity to do that as they have no phone number. So, here is how to sign up for WhatsApp without SIM card, not saying about the number.

WhatsApp logo

Interesting facts about the service

WhatsApp is a free-to-use application that is available for mobile phones as well as tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Initially, it was an alternative to SMS. But over time there appeared multiple additional features. Nowadays, except for sending text messages, this service offers users an opportunity to make calls and send different files, including photos and pictures, videos, documents, and so on to people around the world. Here are also some interesting facts about it:

  • More than 1 million people sign up for WhatsApp every day.
  • Users of this app send over 60 billion text messages and 700 million photos and pictures daily which in total is about 4330 terabytes of data.
  • Most often a person who uses that service sends and receives more than 1200 and 2200 text messages respectively every month.
  • The average user opens the app to check new messages 23 times and spends 195 minutes using WhatsApp every day.
  • The app itself is downloaded around 12 times per second.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the service allows making multiple accounts. This may become needed due to various reasons. For example, to separate work and family chats from each other. There are numerous cases.

Using WhatsApp without a SIM card

Right now it is possible to register a profile without using a SIM card on any web platform that requires users to go through verification of their own mobile number. This statement applies to WhatsApp as well. You no longer have to use your own phone number for this. It became real after the appearance of temporary phone numbers for verification. They are provided by multiple platforms on the internet including ours and here is how to use WhatsApp without SIM card with the aid of that feature:

1. Proceed to the platform and create your personal account.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Open the recharge page and select a convenient payment system, then use it to top up your balance.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Choose the country of issue for a temporary number on the main page. You can choose any from those that are available. However, we advice picking the country of your residence as it will help to avoid possible restrictions. Choosing country of the cellular carrier

4. Use the search feature on a tab with websites and apps to find WhatsApp.

Choosing a temporary phone number for WhatsApp

5. Buy a temporary phone number.

Buying a temporary phone number for WhatsApp

6. Begin registration on the app.

7. Enter obtained temporary number at the WhatsApp number verification stage.

8. Get a confirmation code on our website.

9. Finish verification with the actual code to sign up for the account.

The task is done. This is how your WhatsApp account is being registered without SIM card as well as your personal mobile phone number. Performing all those steps takes only a few minutes in total. Moreover, such a solution as a temporary phone number allows making multiple accounts. Their number is actually unlimited.

How to create multiple accounts on WhatsApp without SIM card?

Some users would like to register multiple accounts and it’s totally fine. It is typically required for operating a business or promoting a product or promoting page. There are also those who simply want to have separate profiles in order to perform different tasks like using the main account for communication with relatives and friends and reading entertainment channels and chats and using the second account for communication with colleagues and reading channels with useful information.

In order to sign up for several accounts on WhatsApp without SIM card, it is only necessary to get additional temporary numbers and use them in the same way as the first one following the instructions from above. You can use one number to verify one profile. Thus, creating multiple accounts takes using an equivalent number of numbers.

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