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How to unblock Instagram account in 2022

how to unblock on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most essential and well-liked social media networks of the twenty-first century. More than 1.5 billion people use this app which has been operational for more than ten years. It comprises not only common individuals but also the majority of famous and influential people from throughout the world. This app might be used for a variety of things. For example, there are a lot of those who have become online superstars with its help. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to make it happen due to various blockages. So here are multiple and effective solutions that everyone can use to find an answer to the question of how to unblock on Instagram their account and continue using it for the intended purpose.

Instagram ban

Easiest way to unblock Instagram account

Noticing a blockage is pretty easy in the case of Instagram. Once it happens, the user starts seeing the appropriate notification. This situation is experienced by people that violate the terms of service or community guidelines of the platform. Most often account is getting disabled without warning. But sometimes there could be one or even a few of them. This is relevant in the case of minor violations. For example, writing offensive comments or personal text messages.

For one reason or another, the easiest way to deal with the Instagram account blocked issue is the same as many years ago. You just need to log in with a blocked account through the website or mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions. This feature is available for any profile unless it is deleted. This method is pretty easy. However, it is not always effective. In most cases going this way will result in being put on hold and then, after a long time, finding out that the profile is blocked permanently. Fortunately, this is not the only method.

Other options for how to unblock on Instagram

There are actually multiple ways to make the account work again. If the one from above didn’t work, it is recommended to try them all one by one. This approach increases the probability of fixing the issue multiple times. A full list of those ways includes:

  • Contacting customer support service. Getting in touch with the customer support service of the platform to appeal the decision is definitely a good and effective solution if the account has been blocked. But most often it works only for those profiles that are suspended temporarily.
  • Filling out the form in the Instagram Help Center. Unlike the previous method, this one is more suitable for permanently blocked accounts. It takes only entering the required information in the appropriate form from the help page and waiting for a response that will contain instructions to follow in order to reinstate the profile.
  • Waiting for lifting restrictions. Sometimes everything there to do to gain access to the account back is to wait. In this case, when trying to log in, the platform shows the reason for the blockage and period of validity as well as the expiration date of imposed restrictions.

These are basically all the options to unlock IG account. Once again, it is better to try them all until one works. However, it is also important to keep in mind, that sometimes it might be impossible to unblock a profile. Below we will explain what to do in this case.

In case nothing works

Tried all the solutions without a positive outcome? There is no need to worry. You can easily make new Instagram account even if your personal phone number is no longer available for this task. This is possible with a temporary number for verification from SMS-Man. Just do the following:

1. Make a profile at

2. Replenish the balance with a suitable option.

3. Select the preferred country for the temporary phone number on the homepage.

4. Look for Instagram on the tab with websites and apps.

5. Press the buy button and use the received temporary number for registration.

This is it. It is not an issue if for some reason blockage is permanent. There is always an opportunity to create a new account. Temporary phone numbers are always available on the internet. You can use them whenever it is necessary.

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