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How to get chinese Tiktok without phone number

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Douyin has an older user base than TikTok, as it now contains micro-vlogs, lifestyle content, business advice, and videos from local police. Every day there are more and more people who want to create Douyin without phone number since this app doesn’t support dialing codes from many countries. The best option for this is a mobile phone number from China. In this article, we will tell how to solve this issue.

What is Douyin app?

There is no TikTok in China itself. Here its twin brother, the Chinese app Douyin.

It allows you to instantly create, edit and share videos with your friends, as well as view a feed ranked specifically for you by artificial intelligence. Recently, the app has made it possible to instantly buy an item shown in a video in the feed.

Douyin is owned by Bytedance, one of the largest companies known for developing artificial intelligence. That’s why your feed will only show content that is relevant to you and completely relevant to your interests.

Douyin has an audience of 500 million users (data from Baijiahao information portal), 80% of which are under 29 years old and 64% of the audience are girls.

It is worth adding that Douyin is not the Chinese version of the app, which will never touch users of the international version. Unfortunately, it is a testing ground for the latest social networking technology. In other words, what is in Douyin on Chinese smartphones today is in TikTok worldwide tomorrow.

How to get chinese Tiktok without phone number?

And as you might have guessed, the app requires verification of the account and this is done by confirming the phone number. But what if you don’t have a Chinese phone number to do this? The solution to this problem is to buy a virtual phone number and our website will help you with this, as unfortunately there are many sites that promise to provide this service, but in reality are crooks.

In order to purchase number for SMS activation you need to sign up on our website.

  1. Create an account. For that you need to complete the registration form.SMS-Man registration form
  2. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and top up your balance.
  3. Go to the home page and select the China.
  4. Expand the list of services and, select “Douyin” and click the “Buy” button.
  5. Enter received phone number in registration form to create Douyin account.
  6. When the service asks for a code, hit the “Get SMS” button next to your order.
  7. Copy the code and use it to complete douyin phone number verification process.

If you want to buy phone nimbers for Douyin/TikTok in bulk, you can use our application or our official telegram-bot

How to create Douyin without phone number for free?

What if we told you you could get a free number? That’s not fantastic, all you have to do is join our official Telegram channel. There, we give out free registration numbers every 8 hours every day for all available services from our list. To get the code, simply copy the number and wait for it to appear in the comments section after asking for the verification code. We also have special offers for those who want a discount. For more information, subscribe to our channel
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