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Your SMS code for registration in the service is 12344. Enter it on the site! 👋

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Most popular services today

It's no secret that almost all online services
are selling your personal data.


Have you registered on Facebook?

You immediately receive an avalanche of targeted advertising.


Post an ad on Craigslist?

Expect a lot of spam calls with offers to arrange a loan!

Can we not do this?

SMS-MAN - service for private
registration at online resources

We give you the opportunity to anonymously use the phone number online to receive SMS to register on sites and application.

At the same time, you can be sure that no one but you will have access to it.

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Registration on the sites without SMS to
your personal number in 3 steps

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    Get your number in your personal cabinet

    To register with SMS-MAN you only need to enter your email address. No ID information or other contacts.

  2. Enter your phone number when signing up online

    We support 1500+ of the most popular social networks, messengers, marketplaces and web sites.

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    You receive an SMS in your personal profile

    You enter the verification code you received on the site. From $0.05 per activation. The number of numbers and activations is unlimited.


You can buy a disposable phone number or rent one for up to a month

One-time number for SMSi

Receive a one-time SMS to a virtual number from the one website or application chosen when ordering.


Rent a phone number to receive an unlimited number of SMS from any website or app.
Rent duration
Up to 20 minutesUp to 90 days
You can receive SMS
From the one site/application you selected when orderingUnlimited
Number of countries
Number of services
1000+All possible services
Buy a one-time numberRent number

"SMS-man" gives you the opportunity to buy a virtual number for registration in popular services at the best price on the net. Previously, to register an additional account in a social network or messenger you had to buy a SIM-card or ask your husband/wife to share the phone (which is not always possible)..

First of all, it costs money to get a new SIM card. Secondly, it is a whole event - to come to the office, fill out a form with passport data...

On this site you can buy a virtual phone number for Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and any other popular platform from just 0,05$.

The service is suitable for users who need both one-time and mass SMS verification of accounts in social networks, messengers, payment systems, dating sites and any other services that require SMS verification.

Get a virtual phone number in just a few minutes!

The entire process is automated and occurs in a user-friendly interface. There is no need to contact managers to connect the number. At the same time, support is always ready to help in case of anything.

So feel free to use it!

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Online SMS receive service for your convenience

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Any questions? Our manager will help to understand!

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Telegram bot

Telegram bot

Receive SMS through the service directly in Telegram!

Group to communicate

Group Chat

We've created a special Telegram group chat for users.

Get SMS on desktop!

Get SMS on desktop!

We made a special solution for those who want to use PC version of SMS-Man!

Solutions for professionals

Solutions for professionals

SMS-MAN provides anonymity tools not only for ordinary users, but also for professionals who need to register their accounts in bulk and access blocked resources.


Connect via API

Receive SMS verification in bulk and automate your work


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SMS verification service?

Virtual phone number texting service allows you to receive a confirmation code to register on any site that requires you to verify your phone number

Thanks to special equipment we have installed in our office and our software, anyone can get a virtual number to receive sms in minutes.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a cloud number that has no physical SIM card and is not tied to a specific device or location. An important feature of our online service is that our virtual numbers can only receive SMS but not send them.

Do I need a SIM card to use my virtual number?

No! There is no need, just purchase a number on our website.

Will someone have access to my number after my rent is up?

A rented number is available only to you and cannot be sold to anyone else, even after the rental period has ended. We respect our customers, and one number is issued to one customer only!

What does it mean to receive SMS from website online?

You buy a virtual phone number for a specific service and when you register you need a code to confirm the number, you get it from our website.

What do I do if I can't buy a virtual number?

Unfortunately, sometimes phone numbers may run out of stock. Please wait for replenishment or try using our Telegram bot, which allows sending multiple phone number requests in one click and thus increases the chances of getting a number.

Can I get a text message for free?

Yes, you can get a free number in our Telegram Channel and test our service without a deposit. But be aware that all toll-free numbers are public and anyone can read your text messages. You can also check our special page for free numbers.