Earn money from SIM-cards with reliable service

If you have phone numbers (sim cards) which can be used to receive SMS – this page is exactly what you need.

Start earning money on your SIM-cards with SMS-Man!

What can we do together?

SMS-Man is a worldwide platform providing SMS receiving online. Nowadays we have 200 000 active users and more than 100 million requests to get SMS daily.

And it is not a maximum: demands of our clients grow rapidly. That’s why we are searching for you!

How to connect SMS-Man?

  • You give us API docs and account for direct payments
  • We integrate it in our system
  • You have GSM/GoIP-typed hardware
  • We connect you to our system with special software
  • You’ll be able to track stats in special dashboard
  • Revenue depends on SIM’s country
  • For example you have numbers in such format:
  • +2856795768699
  • We buy numbers on negotiated conditions

Tell us more about your SIM-cards and hardware/software and we will get in touch soon!

What will you earn with us?

We have been working with API-suppliers since the beginning and with GSM/GoIP suppliers for 3 months already. Below you can see our volumes.

>700 000$ total earnings >100+ suppliers >200 000 SMS daily

Do you want to get part of that money directly from home without shipping SIM-cards to us? You have found the right company.

According to current statistics, we can give you some predictions about how much you can earn, just take a look at the graph below.

Can’t start right now? No problem!

We made a special guide for those who are only starting work with SIM-cards and hardware, you can check it here: https://sms-man.com/blog/become-our-sim-card-partner-and-earn-easy-money/


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