Help Section

Here you can find instructions on how to use SMS-Man service and answers to the most common questions

Popular questions

How long does it take to receive SMS?
Most often SMS arrives within 5 minutes. If you didn't receive SMS within this time, reject the phone number and try to receive it with a new one.
How many SMS can I receive with one number?
Phone numbers from the "Receive SMS" tab can receive only one SMS. To receive more than one SMS, please use our numbers for rent.
What should I do if I can't receive SMS?
Due to the specificity of the SMS verification feature, not every phone number can receive SMS. Сancel the number and try receiving SMS with a new one. You will be refunded for the not-working number automatically.
How to receive SMS from a non-listed service?
If there is no required service on the list, you can use a service called "Any other". It allows receiving SMS from nearly any website or app.
What should I do if I can't get a phone number?
Unfortunately, sometimes phone numbers may run out of stock. Please wait for replenishment or try using our Telegram bot, which allows sending multiple phone number requests in one click and thus increases the chances of getting a number.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is $1. You can recharge this amount through Coinbase, Cryptomus, Payeer, and AdvCash.
Where can I find my API key?
You can find your API key in your profile.
How can I earn with SMS-Man?
There are two ways to earn with us: by inviting new users with a referral program or by providing us with phone numbers. If you have GSM/GoIP and SIM cards or can provide numbers via API, please contact us via the partnership page.

Instructions for using the service

How do I register on the site?

You can register for our service by filling in the required fields such as email address and password or using the quick registration feature via social networks on the registration page.

How do I top up my balance?

  1. Open the payment page by clicking on the "Top up" or "Top up your balance" button on the main page.

  2. Select a suitable payment method from those that are available and choose a recharge amount or specify it on your own. Once done, click "Pay".

  3. Enter your card details or perform other actions requested by the payment system and make payment. If you haven't been redirected to the payment page, click "Continue"..

    Funds will be added to your account within a short time. You will be able to see your updated balance on the main page and in your personal cabinet.

How to get a number for a one-time sign up?

  1. Select the country of the number and service from which you want to receive SMS on the main page.

  2. Click on the "Buy SMS" button to the right of the service name.

    The purchased number will be automatically displayed on the same page below the tabs with countries and services.

How to receive SMS to the purchased number?

  1. Copy purchased number.

  2. Enter your number into the appropriate field when registering with the selected service and proceed to verification. We show the process using Telegram as an example.

  3. Go back to SMS-Man and click on the "Get SMS" button on the tab with your number.

    In case the verification code is received, it will be displayed in the "Message" field. If the number cannot receive SMS or is determined by the service to be unsuitable for use, you can reject it by clicking on "Cancel activation". Your funds will be returned to your balance automatically.

  4. Enter the received code on service and complete registration.

How to get a long-term number?

1. Go to the rent rent page.

2. Specify the country of number and rental period. The minimum rental period is 4 hours and the maximum is 3 months. Check the updated price and if satisfied click "Rent".

3. The rented number will be added to your personal cabinet, where you can view the received SMS or end the rental at any time.

Attention! You can cancel the number and receive funds back to your balance only within 20 minutes after purchase if no SMS was received to the number. Otherwise, the number considered used.

If there are any questions or issues while using our service, you can contact us via chat form on the site or feedback page. We try to respond promptly to help you with your problem.