Help Section

Here you can find instructions on how to use SMS-Man service and answers to the most common questions

Popular questions

How long SMS waiting time for registration on the service?
Waiting time for SMS is below 5 minutes in common. If you did not receive SMS within 5 minutes, reject your number and get another one.
Can I receive more than one SMS?
You can only receive a text message repeatedly or repeatedly to a rented number, which you can purchase in the tab «Rent number».
What is the minimum amount of refill?
The minimum top-up amount is 1 USD
Is it possible to receive an SMS if the service I want is not on the list?
If the service you want is not on the list, you can use "any other" service.
SMS NOT RECEIVED, what should I do?
It happens that you can not get a number the first time. Use our bot in the telegram. You do not need to request the number several times, it will be received by itself only by one of your clicks. Go here.
What does "service temporarily unavailable" error mean?
Please try again. If you don't receive a reply for a long time, you can contact us to resolve the problem.
Where can I get my API-key?
To find your API key, simply click on the tab profile
How can you make money with us?
You can earn with SMS-man on SIM cards or a referral programme. If you have all the equipment and SIM cards you need, you can contact us on partnership page. If you are interested in attracting new customers to our online service, you can find out more on referral program

Instructions for using the service

How do I register on the site?

To register for the service - go to the registration page and fill in the required fields by entering your valid email address or use a quick registration via social networks.

How do I top up my balance?

  1. In the top menu of the site click the button "Replenish". This will take you to the top-up section

  2. Select the method of payment and specify the amount of recharge (you can choose one of the presented options or specify at your discretion), then press the "Pay" button.

  3. To pay (enter your card details or other data required by the system) you will be redirected to the page of the payment system. If this does not happen, click continue..

    After the funds are credited, you will be able to see the account balance directly in your personal cabinet.

How do I get a one-time registration number?

  1. On the main page, select the country and service where you want to pass the SMS confirmation.

  2. To buy a virtual number, click on the "Buy SMS" button in front of the selected service.

    The purchased virtual number will be automatically added to your personal SMS-man account.

How do I get an SMS to a purchased number?

  1. Copy the number

  2. Specify the number when registering with the selected service (Telegram is shown in the example) and click "Continue".

  3. Go back to your personal SMS-Man cabinet and press the "Get SMS" button. If the number can not be used in this service or you have changed your mind to use it, you can cancel the number by clicking on the button "Cancel activation" .

    When the verification code is received, you can see it in the "SMS" field

  4. Enter the confirmation code from your Telegram SMS and click CONTINUE to complete the registration.

How to rent a number for a long time?

1. To rent a number, go to the "Rent Number" tab.

2. Specify the desired country and rental period (the minimum rental period is 1 hour, and the maximum is a month). When all the necessary information is specified, press the "Rent" button.

3. The rented number will be added to your personal cabinet, where you can view the received SMS or end the rental at any time.

Attention! You can cancel a rented number only if no more than 20 minutes have passed since you rented it and you have not received any SMS.

For any questions you may have when reviewing SMS-MAN, there is a feedback form open to you. We try to respond promptly to help you with your problem.