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How to use SMS-Man application

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Today it has become popular to use Windows apps for bulk shopping. We have prepared a convenient app for you to buy up to ten numbers in one click. Today I will tell you how to use SMS-Man application.

Why you need SMS-Man Windows software

Our site presents you the opportunity to buy disposable phone numbers for account registration. However, in the app you can buy up to 10 phone numbers with one click. In addition, all your purchases are displayed in a convenient table. The table automatically asks for a code for each phone number you buy, which means you no longer need to press a separate button to do so! All you have to do is choose how many numbers you want, click “Buy” and wait for the code to receive.

As you can see, the app is very useful for bulk purchases. If you want to buy disposable phone numbers in large quantities, we recommend you try our app!

Whats new in version

1. The program now displays the cost of the phone number before purchase
2. There are logs in the program. You can find it here: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\E399NQ4V.TV3\GM2GRLG5.EA3\sms-..tion_bdd16ce56d2242dc_0001.0001_0afef0db61efd0ce\logs
3. When you select Chinese, the list of countries appears in Chinese.
4. Now the app works faster

What to do before installing the application

To buy sms activation you need to register on our website.

  1. In the registration form, enter your email and come up with a password.
  2. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and top up your balance.payment SMS-MAN

How to download Windows SMS-Man application?

You can download the archive with the program here. Unpack the archive into any folder you like and run “Setup.exe”. After installation a shortcut will appear on the desktop. You will need an internet connection for the program to work.

How to use Windows SMS-Man application for buying numbers?

After installing the program you can start working with it. Run the program, choose your language and enter your API key. You can find it in your profile on the SMS-man website. Copy your key and paste it into the authorization form. Then click the “Sign In” button.

At the bottom of the main form of the program you can see a menu of pages. We are interested in the “SMS” tab.

At the top of the page you will find a form to purchase numbers. There is a list of countries, a list of services and a choice of number of numbers. In the program, you can buy up to ten numbers with one click. Use the search to quickly find the country and service you are interested in. To do this, enter a part of the name in any case in the search field. In the drop-down list you will find all available matches.

How to buy a number on Windows with SMS-Man application?

Select the country, service, and number of numbers to purchase. Press the BUY button. Wait for the download to complete. Now all purchased numbers are displayed in the table. You do not need to press the “Get code” button. The program itself will ask for a code every 5-6 seconds. If the Internet connection is bad, the code request may take up to 20 seconds. The “Attempts” column shows the number of code requests.

You can select your purchase by double-clicking to display it in the upper right menu. There you can cancel your purchase. You can copy the number and code from the table by double clicking on a cell in the table.

Now you know how to buy up to ten numbers with one click through our app. If you want to follow the news or contact application support, subscribe to our Telegram channel.
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