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How to unblock Apple ID account?

How to unblock Apple ID account

If you have forgotten your Apple ID password and entered the wrong password many times, your Apple ID is locked or disabled, how do you unlock your Apple ID account without a password?

You may need to unblock your ID, this could be because you bought a used iPhone from eBay and couldn’t set it up because its past owner forgot to delete their Apple ID. Or someone wants to delete an old ID that will no longer be used. Either way, if you forget your Apple ID or password, you will have a hard time deleting your Apple account.

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Ways to unblock Apple ID without a password

Although removing an Apple ID without a password is a difficult task, you still have the ability to do it if you follow our recommendations. This article will cover a few ways to unlock your ID without a password.

1) Unlocking Apple ID without password using UkeySoft Unlocker

When you open UkeySoft Unlocker, you can two functions:

– Unlock Apple ID.

– Unlock the screen password.

To unlock Apple ID, go to the first function. The main feature of the program is to make it simple. Follow the on-screen instructions, just press the “Start” button and UkeySoft Unlocker will start the  ID unlocking process. It will last for a few seconds.

2) Unlock ID without a password by asking the original owner

If you are lucky enough to contact the original owner of the iPhone, things are even easier. You can ask him to remove the Apple ID remotely.

– Visit the official site and log in with your original Apple ID and password.

– Click “Find iPhone”> “All Devices” and select your iPhone.

– Select “Remove from account.” If you want to restore your iPhone to factory settings, you can also ask it to click “Erase iPhone” after deleting.

3) Use recovery mode to unlock your Apple ID without a password

You can also try wiping your iPhone using recovery mode in iTunes. After resetting your iPhone, the ID will also be erased without a password.

– Turn off your iPhone. Then open iTunes on your computer.

– Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.

– Put your iPhone in recovery mode

Creating a new account

Using any of these methods you will be able to unlock your Apple ID. Now you can create a new account, try not to lose your password again!

One Apple ID is enough to access all Apple services. If you want to create a new account anonymously, you can use services to buy a virtual number when registering. For example, the sms-man site , there you can buy a virtual number for sms from $0.15 and create a new Apple ID.

You can also get a free number in telegram channel and try to register with it.
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