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How to unblock Apple ID account?

unlock Apple ID

Apple ID account is an important feature for every iOS user on the planet. It allows accessing Apple services including such ones as iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud, and others. So getting it either locked or disabled might cause significant difficulties. However, the biggest issue is that most often in such cases users do also forget their passwords. Would like to unlock Apple ID and make it work again? Then read our article about how to do it.

Apple ID

How to unblock Apple ID without a password?

Performing this action is a bit tricky. But, despite the fact that there is even no password, it is possible to do it in several ways. We will explain them all below.

With the help of UkeySoft Unlocked

This software offers users two options. You can unlock Apple ID as well as the screen password. Go with the first option. The most important advantage of this software is its convenience. So everything there to do is to follow the instructions and then press the “Start” button in order to run the unlocking process which will last no longer than a few seconds.h

By contacting the initial owner

It is common to buy iPhones from eBay and other popular online stores. But not every previous owner deletes their Apple ID before selling the phone. Instead of trying to unlock it, you can simply try to get in touch with him or her and ask to remove it remotely. It can be done in the following way:

1. Open the official iCloud website and sign in to the system with an account that should be removed.

2. Click on “Find iPhone” and then “All Devices”.

3. Select the appropriate phone.

4. Proceed with the “Remove from Account” option.

This is simple as it is. There is one more solution though.

Using recovery function

The last option to deal with Apple ID blocked issue is to wipe iPhone by iTunes recovery mode. As a result, the account will be wiped along with the phone. Here is how to perform this:

1. Turn off your iPhone.

2. Open iTunes on a laptop or personal computer.

3. Take a USB cable and use it to connect your phone to the computer.

4. Enable recovery mode.

It takes just a few minutes to execute this process. Once done, the connected iPhone will be unlocked and fully operable.

Registering a new Apple ID account

The next step after unlocking is signing up for a new profile. Having one account is enough to access all online services from Apple. In case you do not want or cannot use your own cell number for this purpose, you can get it done with platforms that offer temporary numbers over the internet. For example, at SMS-Man it is possible to receive a temporary phone number that is set up to make an Apple ID account starting from $0.20. Using it is pretty convenient and fully private.

Option to get a temporary number for free

It is not really necessary to pay when it comes to registering Apple ID without a phone number. You can get a free temporary mobile number that can be freely used for this purpose through our channel on Telegram. Just open it, take an active number and use it like a real phone number. The requested verification code will be in the comments.
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