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How to unlock Amazon account in 2022


Over the past few years Amazon remains the largest international platform for the sale of goods. Given its turnover, nothing will change in the coming years, so it is still a solid choice for both buyers and sellers. But with an increase in the number of users account blocking has become a common problem there. Regardless of the status of an account it can cause a lot of inconvenience. You can lose the ability to order goods or find yourself in a situation where your business is not operable. In this article we will explain what to do if you have got your Amazon account locked and how to avoid such cases in the future.


Reasons for Amazon account locked

Like with other popular e-commerce platforms there are a lot of causes why your account can be locked. Though the most common reasons for finding that your Amazon account is on hold remain the next:

  • Providing fake information. This applies to absolutely everything including personal data and both billing and shipping addresses. Even if such an account works now, it will be locked later, it’s only a matter of time.
  • Using account from different locations. Such behavior makes an account look hacked which in turn triggers the security system of the platform. Though most often it happens not after logging in but after placing one or a few orders.
  • Placing too many orders. Trying too hard to sell your goods is not the best approach. This is especially true for new accounts. The more orders you place from one account, the more likely it is that the security system will be activated.
  • Making a lot of returns. Returns are a cost item for Amazon. Of course, they don’t need it, so accounts with too high return rates are given special attention. This parameter should be as low as possible
  • Abusing the gift cards system. Gift cards regulation is one of the key tasks for preventing the platform from fraud or money laundering. If you don’t want your account to be locked, do not buy it at all. Or do it only on accounts with established and good reputation.

How to unlock Amazon account

In most cases it is much faster and easier to create a new Amazon account with a virtual phone number rather than trying to unlock an old one. But sometimes this is not an option. For example if a locked profile has been successfully used for years and has a good reputation. Regardless of reason for blocking, there is only one way to unlock an account. You have to contact Amazon and prove that you haven’t done anything wrong through online chat, phone call, email or tax.


After contacting the account specialist it will be required to provide certain information for checking. In most cases it includes the following:

  1. Your account number;
  2. Statement from the bank whose card you use for payments;
  3. Documentary confirmation of your shipping address;
  4. Gift cards receipts.

The decision will be made after reviewing the information provided. However, if it turns out that it is not possible to unlock an account, there is nothing to worry about. You can always create a new one with a virtual phone number. Learn more in our article about how to create an Amazon account without a phone number.

Tips to avoid Amazon locking account

After successfully unlocking or creating a new account, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t find yourself in this situation in the future. Here they are:

  1. Minimize usage of Amazon Prime as it is being regulated more seriously than other Amazon services.
  2. Avoid purchasing expensive good with a new account right after signing up.
  3. Use your account outside your country of origin only after connecting to according VPN server.
  4. Buy as less gift cards as possible.

So now you know how to unlock Amazon account and avoid the need for this in the future. Earlier we have also explained the process of unblocking Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram accounts.

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