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How to unlock WhatsApp in 2021

unlock whatsapp account

According to statistical estimates, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. Many of us use it almost daily to send messages and files, make audio and video calls. What to do if you have been blocked in messenger WhatsApp, how to unblock on WhatsApp and continue communicating?

How to unblock on WhatsApp?

However, it’s not uncommon for conversations to get a little too heated, and the person you’re talking to to emotionally blacklist you. The conversation is left unsaid, forcing you to search for ways to bypass the blocking and end the conversation.  We will tell you in our material.

Make sure you have actually been blocked from WhatsApp

First of all, you should make sure that you have actually been blacklisted in WhatsApp and not simply ignored.

In particular, the following may indicate that you have been blacklisted:

  • You cannot see your interlocutor’s profile picture. The profile picture only shows a basic avatar, as if the interlocutor has not yet installed a profile picture;
  • You cannot see the contact’s profile picture;
  • The time of the person’s last WhatsApp visit is not displayed. In addition, you will not see whether the person is offline or online;
  • When you send messages to this person, only one tick is visible;
  • Try creating a group with the person who has blocked you. If you are blocked, you will not be able to add him or her to your group. In this case, WhatsApp will indicate that it has failed to add this contact;

Fortunately, the WhatsApp functionality allows you to bypass the blockage with a number of manipulations by unblocking your account to send messages to the user. Let’s find out how to do this.

how to unblock on WhatsApp

Use a different WhatsApp account.

You can use a different WhatsApp account to bypass the blocking and communicate with the right person. This is useful if you have two phone numbers on your phone. Or you can buy a virtual number for WhatsApp only for 0.13$. When you sign up for a WhatsApp account with a different phone number, you can write to the right person from that number.

To create a second account, use the WhatsApp Business app (Android, iOS). Install the app, log in with your second number, and text the right person on WhatsApp. The app does not conflict with the standard WhatsApp app, so you can conveniently use both accounts on your phone. Here is instruction how to write message in WhatsApp anonymously. 

In addition to the “WhatsApp Business” functionality, you can also enable your smartphone settings to install a WhatsApp clone app. In this case, you can use the clone to maintain your second account and text the right person. For example, on Samsung, you can activate the clone by going to Settings – Advanced Features – Dual Application Profile – WhatsApp.

A second WhatsApp icon will then appear on your phone’s desktop and you can use it to register a second account and communicate with the right person.

Creating a group using another WhatsApp account

This method will be effective if you have another WhatsApp account, as described above, or if you have a mutual friend in the messenger, in which case you or your friend can create a group with your blocked contact and the blocker itself, and they can continue to communicate in that group.

To do this, do the following:

  1. From your second account, create a new group (“Chats” – “Start chat” – “New group”);
  2. Section “New group”.
  3. Add the person who blocked you and your first number to the group;
  4. Leave the group from the number you used to create the group;
  5. Exit option.
  6. The blocked person will now be able to write to the blocker from their number.
  7. The same operation can be done by your mutual friend in WhatsApp. Once you have created the group and invited you and your conversation partner into it, they will leave the group and you will be able to chat directly with the desired person.

Delete your WhatsApp account and reinstall it

On the internet, the most popular way to unblock a blockage yourself involves deleting your WhatsApp account. It is suggested that you do the following:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp;
  2. Click on the button with three vertical dots on the top right;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. WhatsApp settings.
  5. In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  6. Next, click on “Account”;
  7. To access your WhatsApp account
  8. Click on “Delete account” at the bottom;
  9. Go to “Delete account”.
  10. At the very bottom, enter your phone number and click on “Delete account”;
  11. Delete a WhatsApp account
  12. Confirm the account deletion;
  13. Then uninstall the WhatsApp application itself from your phone;
  14. Reboot your phone;
  15. Go to the digital shop, and download the new version of WhatsApp (Android, iOS) from there;
  16. Launch the app and create a new account with your phone number.

This method, previously effective and relevant, is now practically ineffective. The developers of WhatsApp found out about this hole in the code (also because of complaints from users to whom their blocked counterparts had written), and with the latest updates they have closed this feature. Now no matter how many times you delete your number, it remains blocked and you cannot write to your blocker. But you can try this method as one of the likely tools to unlock your WhatsApp account, and you might get lucky.

Use virtual number to unblock on WhatsApp.

If none of the methods worked, an excellent choice would be to simply create a new WhatsApp account from a fake phone number and text the person from the new account. This is very easy to do using virtual numbers. With SMS-MAN you can buy a WhatsApp number for any country from just 15 cents. This is more easier than try to unblock on WhatsApp using your personal number.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blockages from sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of getting a verification code. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address that corresponds to the country of the number you register your account with.
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