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How to create Amazon Seller account with virtual number

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Many people today work online. No one wants to go to work in an office, dealing with the premises. It is long and boring. And most importantly, it is an old, expensive way of doing things that has gone out of fashion with modern businessmen. You can just rent a warehouse, store your goods there and sell them on all possible marketplaces. It’s convenient because you do not even have to meet with the customer. The customer chooses your product, indicates where and when to bring it, and you just get a message about the new order. You pack up your product and send it to the person. As a rule, sellers in such services provide discounts on sending goods. So it turns out to be a very profitable way to make money. Probably one of the most popular marketplaces in today’s world is Amazon. To start selling you need to create an account, but you will need to link your phone number. So I will tell you how to create amazon seller account without a phone number.

The need to create an amazon seller account 

Perhaps you have more than one shop of your own so you don’t want to mix everything together. Or maybe you want to start dominating the market and sell your products in multiple shops so that other sellers have no room left in your game. So I suggest you go through amazon seller verification using a virtual phone number. Such a number can be purchased from our service sms-man. Support is available 24/7, experts add new numbers every day. You can buy numbers from more than 100 countries around the world. And almost the same number of services, but today we are interested in Amazon. After all, it can be your source of income.

types of sign up a seller account on amazon

you can create amazon seller account of two types:

Individual account (you can trade up to 40 items at a time, the system will take a $0.99 commission for each);
Professional account (to sell 41 or more items, flat fee of $39.99).
The next step is to choose the type of sales.

types of sales

Dropshipping (DS). In fact, this is a mediation. You do not own the product, but bring together the seller and the buyer. Among the advantages of this type of trade – saving on logistics. Of the minuses – the problem of quality control rises sharply;

Sale of goods from their own warehouse (FBM). The warehouse can be anywhere, but you will be filling it with goods. In this case, you bear all the logistics, but the economic effect is potentially higher;
Sale of goods from Amazon warehouse (FBA). Rental of warehouse space from the service for a fee. It is up to the seller to deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse.
The last weighty organizational point is to decide on the delivery operator. There are many options, the method of transportation directly depends on the volume and type of sales. Thus, with a wide range of goods, it is better to opt for a specialized transportation company, which will save you from the solution of customs issues.

Creating a sms-man account

  1. To create an account you will need to go to our website. In the upper right corner you will see a button to register. After clicking it you will see a form for creating an account.

Sms-man Sign Up2. Next we need to top up our balance. After registration you will be on the main page, and payment can be made in this tab. There you can choose the method, currency and amount to recharge.

Sms-man Payment section

3. Now go to the main page. Here you see a list of countries. Choose the one you want. If you can’t see it at the top, expand the list. Repeat this procedure with the service, but now click “buy”.

Buy Amazon virtual number

4. All that’s left is to turn on the VPN and get the code.

Amazon virtual number

VPN for you: which VPN is best

There are a lot of VPNs on the internet. There are even free ones, but they either work intermittently or you’ll be asked to pay a subscription fee after a month, or they’re just a virus. That is why we recommend VPN. it is a service that works on a permanent basis. 

Algorithm of creating amazon seller account

We proceed to sign up for amazon seller account. You need to go to Amazon site and start to register your account. When you register you will be asked for a phone number and then a code. All this is displayed on our site

Your account is ready, now you can start earning!
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