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How to create Amazon Seller account with virtual number

amazon logo for website 1 is the world’s largest trading platform by turnover and the main competitor of the famous eBay auction. This online store provides more than 4 million products every day to 180 different countries. It is the first company to start selling mass market goods on a global scale via the Internet. And quickly gained huge popularity. How to create new Amazon account?

How to open an amazon account

  1. Go to website and click “Start here”.

2. You can create your account with 3 actions:

  • Create your Name.
  • Verify mobile phone number or email address.
  • Create a password.

Amazon main page

Create amazon account with virtual phone number

You can learn more information about how to create amazon account with phone number from our video:

Many people often wonder: how to sign into amazon without phone number. You can easily buy a virtual number to register for Amazon on the SMS-MAN service. with the help of our service you can receive SMS for registration on the most popular websites and applications: Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, YouTube, Telegram, eBay. To do it is enough to perform simple 3 steps:

  1. Sign Up on SMS-MAN site.

Sms-man Sign Up

2. Charge your balance by click on Payment button.

Sms-man Payment section

3. On the main page choose country that you need and enter Amazon on the service list. Click Buy.

Buy Amazon virtual number

4. Then you can copy phone number for Amazon phone verification. Click on phone number.

Amazon virtual number

5. On Amazon registration page enter the required data and paste the phone number that you copy from SMS-MAN (don’t forget to delete the country code). Click Verify mobile number.

Amazon Sign Up section

6. Solve puzzle then return to SMS-MAN and click Get sms.

Amazon puzzle

Get sms

Sms code

7.  Copy Sms-code and paste on marketplace page and click Create your Amazom account.

8. That’s all! You have create new Amazon account without phone number. Now you can easily use Amazon marketplace.

How to pass Amazon phone verification for free?

You can do it using our bot with free numbers from different countries for more than 2000 apps beside Amazon.

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