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How to create a Yandex account outside Russia

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There are many various email services these days. But not all of them are as popular as others. Only a few are known among millions of users. Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Proton, Yandex: all these platforms are in the greatest demand. We are going to talk about the last one from them. Some people struggle to create an account on this service when located outside Russia which is originally the country where it was developed. Geo-restrictions are the real thing. Find out how any person can easily create Yandex account from anywhere else on the planet besides Russia.

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Yandex asking for phone number: why?

It is necessary to provide and verifya mobile number when signing up for Yandex. It is said that the purpose of this feature is to provide people with an easy way to restore their passwords. However, since this process cannot be skipped, it is actually done for another reason. Its main goal is to verify users and prevent them from creating multiple accounts to perform fraudulent tasks.

Basically, there is no problem with using a phone number from any country to register on Yandex. It will even prompt a notification about sending a verification code. But most likely it will be not sent if the number comes not from Russia or any other CIS country. It is what it is. Below we will explain how to get rid of this issue.

How to receive a verification code outside Russia?

So, as was stated below, if you are living in not CIS country then you will probably not receive a verification code from Yandex. Without it, there is no way to sign up for this email service. There is a simple fix for this though. You can obtain a verification code by operating temporary numbers issued in supported countries. Such numbers are available online and don’t require providing any personal information to get them. Thus, they can be used from anywhere.

Due to its effectiveness, some people might think that this feature is expensive. However, it is not at all. For example, it is possible to get and activate a temporary phone number to register a Yandex account outside Russia just for $0.25. With that said, this option is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Especially if to compare it with getting a fresh SIM card from a local cellular provider.

Using a temporary number to create Yandex account

SMS-Man offers the opportunity to take a temporary phone number at any time of day. You are not required to perform any complicated actions in that case. Everything there to do is to complete a simple registration. It will instantly allow you to get a temporary number to create Yandex account. Here is what exactly to do for this:

1. Open the main page of the service, proceed to the registration form and sign up for the profile.

2. Add funds to your balance with any payment method from the special tab.

3. Once again open the main page of service and select the country of a temporary phone number. We recommend choosing Russia.

4. Find a section with supported websites and apps down the page and search for Yandex.

5. Get a temporary number by pressing the appropriate button.

6. Use it when signing up for Yandex.

7. Click on the “Get SMS” button on our platform and use the revealed code to create an account.

Now you have a profile on Yandex. There is nothing difficult about creating it outside Russia. This method is also a good answer to the question of how to sign up for Yandex without phone number. If for some reason you don’t have it available or it is not receiving the verification code, just take advantage of such a feature as a temporary phone number. Simple as it is.


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