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Is it possible to have multiple Twitter accounts?

multiple twitter accounts

Twitter is a social network that is popular all over the world. The number of users exceeds 350 million in 2022. The network is a competitor to Instagram (Instagram), Facebook and some other market giants. Most importantly, its monetizable audience is constantly growing. Doing business is becoming more profitable and efficient. Buying multiple twitter accounts may be necessary not only for the purpose of promotion or promotion. Some users need an additional profile. In any case, consider the peculiarities of the process.

An alternative to having multiple twitter accounts is to register yourself. This requires linking your cell phone number to your profile. It will not cause difficulties, even with the mass creation. Service “Sms-man” offers a temporary phone number for twitter. The possibilities of the site allow to purchase any number of them, and the choice of more than 300 countries is available.

multiple twitter accounts

Virtual number for multiple twitter registration

Also you can find a lot of specialized stores on the web. They offer to buy multiple twitter accounts with followers or a blank profile. At first glance, such a deal seems profitable. By the word, it is important to consider several factors that entail serious problems for the buyer.

Minimum security. After buying 2 twitter accounts, it is necessary to spend time on changing passwords and other settings. The past owner may well regain access if this is not done. Thus, it is not possible to save time.

Lack of guarantees. The administration of the social network is struggling in every way with automated registration. Do not be surprised if, a few days after the sale, the profiles will fall into the ban.

Price. In the final analysis, question of cost is often in the first place. So it is not always possible to buy 2 twitter accounts cheaply. Especially if cooperation is carried out with reputable stores.

All of the above problems can be avoided by buying a temporary phone number for twitter and registering profiles on it.


Buy multiple Twitter accounts with “Sms-man” service


Here is an instruction how you can have multiple twitter accounts.


  1. First of all, create a personal account on the service “Sms-man”. To register you have to write your mailbox and password for a new account.
  2. Secondly, refill balance for shopping. To refill balance you should go to “Pay”.
  3. Thirdly, Choose the sum of recharge and a convenient way. There are a few options to choose from.
  4. Go to the main page of the site and choose the country of virtual number and necessary service (in our case it is Twitter). Press the button “Buy”.
  5. We go to a social network Twitter. We go to the menu of registration, where we indicate the name and the purchased telephone number for twitter. Then there will be a few windows, where you need to agree with the rules of the service and fill in all the necessary information. It is necessary for Twitter to send an sms to the specified number.
  6. To get the sms, go back to the service “Sms-man“. Find on the main page the phone number for twitter and press “Get SMS”.
  7. We will be given the text of the message, from which you must copy the code.
  8. We enter the received confirmation code into the field on the site of social network Twitter. This completes the registration.

The method considered is an alternative version of how you can secure yourself simply using virtual numbers to create a second twitter account




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