How to register fake Twitter account without a SIM card?

Register fake Twitter account within 1-2 minutes

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One may need register fake Twitter account for varied reasons. In the majority of cases, such accounts are used by specialized services to inflate likes, subscribers, and other figures. Also, it is equally popular to use such pages for sending out advertisements and malicious links.

Some users want to annoy their exes or to play some dirty tricks on their friends, and, for such purposes, they need additional accounts. Also, many users do not want to use their real personal data for registering on social networks. To sum up, fake accounts on Twitter may be needed for different kinds of purposes.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to create fake Twitter account without an additional SIM card.

How to make a fake Twitter account?

First of all, you need to get a phone number that is not linked to any existing pages on this platform. In the course of registration, the service will send you a verification code, which you should enter on the website to use your new page to the utmost.

But what to do if you want to get another profile on this social network, but your SIM card is already linked to your basic account? Buying a new SIM card for that is not the best idea, especially if you need to register more than one new page.


You can easily solve this problem with the help of a service offering online SMS activation for popular social networks. One of such sources is On our website, you can buy a virtual number for Twitter for $0,08.

On our service, you can get a fake phone number for Twitter from an operator from China, Russia, the USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, or even Zimbabwe – we offer more than 250 operators from different countries. There are no requirements for a minimum deposit, so you can deposit the exact sum, which is needed for buying a number.

How to buy a fake number?

To pass verification with our service, take the following simple steps:

  1. Open and sign up for the source.

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2. Deposit the sum needed using a convenient payment method.

3. Return to the main page and choose Twitter from the list of available social networks.


4. After you press “Buy”, go to “Profile” – “Request History” and copy the temporary number purchased.

5. Open Twitter. Press “Sign up”.

sign up

6. Fill in the registration form. Paste the virtual number.

phone number

7. Afterwards, you will be offered to adjust some settings of your account. And, in step 4, you must pass SMS activation. So, go back to the page “Request History” and click on “Get SMS”.

8. Paste the code into the form.

code activation

So, you have opened a fake verified Twitter account for $0,11.  We have a telegram channel in which you can get a number for free! If you need more pages, just buy a new temporary number for each of them and go through registration as described in the guide above.
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