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Philippines mobile number for SMS verification

phillipines phone number

I continue our topic about different countries in the world of SMS activation. Today we will speak about Philippines mobile number for SMS verification and answer all questions about them.

The Philippines is a big country in Oceania and it is very popular in the market. According to statistics, we are selling almost 15% of Philippines numbers each day. That’s why our customers have so many questions about that numbers. Let’s start answering.

What is a Philippines phone number for SMS?

The main thing you have to know about every country – country code. The Philippines local phone number format includes the country code (+63), the area code for the location being called, and a 6-7-digit subscriber number. For example: (+63) 02 xxxx-xxxx.

Why I should use the Philippines numbers?

I know a few advantages of that category of numbers, so:

  • Huge stock: every SMS activation service has a lot of Philippines numbers
  • Low price: as one of the most popular good, it has low price (especially in bulk).
  • Supported services: you can use +63 number almost everywhere, except only small domestic apps and websites.

How much does the Philippines mobile number cost?

It depends very much on type of number.

  • Long-time rent — you will pay approximately 1-2$ per week.
  • Receive OTP — it can cost 0.05-0.4$ in general.
  • Use landline for marketing — it will cost 0.002-0.005$ per each SMS.

Where can I get the Philippines phone number?

You can easily buy Philippines mobile number for SMS verification. SMS-Man with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up or log in on SMS-Man.Sign Up
  2. Ensure that your balance allows you to buy number.
  3. Go on main page
  4. Find “Philippines” in country list                                                          find Philippines
  5. Choose needed service and click “Buy”select Viber from service list
  6. Bought number will be shown in header of this page. Copy it and use fluently!waiting sms

If you still have any questions about numbers, feel free to ask it in our Group Chat where we will fastly help you!
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