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Get discounts on SMS-Man with NFT collection!


Nowadays we live in a rapidly changing world of technologies and communications. I think everybody heard about NFT – a non-fungible token that allows anybody to “own” something on the web via blockchain technology.

Today we will find out how to become an “owner” of discount at SMS-Man easily.

What is SMS-Man NFT?

SMS-Man NFT collection counts 100 NFTs that cost 39000 TON in sum. These NFTs allow you to get discounts from 10% to 15% on the most popular services from the most popular countries, for example, Telegram from the USA.

Also, you may buy discounts for some services from all countries in the world, but it will cost more than a rather discount.

What about pictures, we decided to design astronauts with planets. Planet figures service when an astronaut keeps the country flag in hands.

It is made in PixelArt style, so you can add it to your 8bit collection


Where can you buy NFT?

We decided to store our NFTs on the GetGems platform. It allows us to track all changes in the collection, add more NFTs, and so on.

Just click at GetGems and see everything on your own

What is TON?

TON – is a cryptocurrency we have chosen as a base of our NFT. It was made by a Telegram owner and shows great results on market. That means your discount can become an investment in the near future.


How to buy NFT?

You will need only wallet with balance to buy NFT. Let’s go by steps:

  1. Create TON wallet in Tonkeeper app
  2. Add funds with any suitable method
  3. Go to our collection
  4. Choose needed picture
  5. Buy it with QR-code

That’s all, now you are owner of your first (or not) NFT.

How to get discount?

You need to write your wallet address to our support team, they will help you to set up new price while you own your NFT. We wait for your response 24/7.

How to use discount?

You can easily use your ready-made discount in our bot, desktop application.

Also we made free channel for all your purposes. Don’t forget about rental numbers as well.

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