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How to receive SMS without a phone using virtual mobile numbers

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Despite the great popularity of messengers, it is very difficult to do without the standard messages provided by mobile operators today. Confirmation of bank transactions, two-factor authorization, registration in various services – all this requires entering a verification code from an SMS. But when there is no access to the device, there is a logical question – how to get the code from an SMS without a phone?

If this question concerns a personal number that has already been linked to a service, it is possible to receive SMS without a phone only if it has been synchronized with special software. For example, MightyText (Android), Pushbullet (Android), Android Messages, iMessage (iOS, Mac). These programs allow you to receive text messages to a number without a phone, but only if they have been synced with the device in advance.

A completely different situation when you need to register without a smartphone or even a SIM card in one of the popular services. In this case, the best way to receive SMS without a phone is to use a virtual number.

How to receive SMS without a phone using a virtual number?

A virtual number makes it possible to receive SMS without a computer or any other device because the entire process takes place directly on the Internet resource online.

One of the popular sites for selling virtual numbers is the platform. At the site, you can get a code from SMS without a phone to register in messengers, social networks, delivery services, and many other resources (more than 1000). The price of receiving one SMS is only 4 rubles on average. This allows you to register a lot of accounts for next to nothing.

For those who need to receive not one, but an unlimited number of messages, there is a service for renting a number for a long time. It costs a little more, but it’s much more profitable with SMS activation in a large number of services at once.

Another advantage of SMS-Man is the ability to choose the country of the mobile operator. The site presents numbers from more than 250 countries. Dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency are accepted, so the confirmation of SMS without a phone can be made from anywhere in the world.

How to receive SMS with the help of tools from SMS-Man?

The procedure for obtaining a code from SMS without a phone on the site “SMS-Man” is very simple. To do this, you need to do a few simple steps:

1. Go to and complete an instant registration.

2. Refill the account in the appropriate section.

3. Select the desired country of the mobile operator.

4. Below, in the search box, enter the name of the service from which you want to receive SMS without a phone.

5. Buy a virtual number.

6. Receive SMS in your personal profile.

In just a few minutes, SMS-Man helps you accept a message without a phone to register on almost any platform.

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