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How to create iHerb account without a phone number

iHerb account

Being healthy and doing sports is becoming more and more popular every year. This is a good trend for sure. But the best thing is that these days it is quite simple to get everything needed for this lifestyle. It also applies to vitamins and supplements. There are a lot of online services which provide the opportunity to order it all in just several clicks. Find out how to sign up for one of the most popular platforms in this category and create an iHerb account without the use of a mobile phone number.

Creating an iHerb account without a phone number

iHerb is an online service that is aiming to provide its customers with the most convenience possible. So creating an account on it takes literally one minute and does not require providing a personal phone number. You can do this either with the email address as well as a profile on Google, Facebook, or Apple. Here is a detailed guide on how to register an iHerb account using no mobile number:

1. Proceed to the official website of the service or download its mobile app that was released for Android as well as iOS. We will use the website.

2. Click on the “Sign in” button that is placed at the top right of the page.

3. Select create account option.

4. Enter mailbox together with a password and solve reCAPTCHA or simply use a profile on one of the available online services.

5. Get access to your new account.

There is nothing else to do after this. You can see that using a phone number is not mandatory when it comes to creating an iHerb account. Do not have anything from this including the number or want to remain anonymous? Then simply take advantage of a temporary phone number.

Online service to get a temporary iHerb phone number

SMS-Man gives everyone the opportunity to obtain a temporary number for any purpose. The whole process is pretty simple and will less likely cause difficulties even for those who are doing this for the first time in their life. Want to receive a temporary phone number for the iHerb login? Then just follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for the sms-man.com website and complete account verification.

2. Open the payment tab and use a suitable method to add funds.

3. Switch to the main page of the platform, find the section with countries and select one in which you would like a temporary number to be issued.

4. Use the search option to find “Any other” among other supported online services.

5. Obtain a temporary phone number by hitting the buy button.

Such a number will be available for use right after purchase. Making it work is not difficult either.

How to activate a temporary number?

Everything that is necessary to do in order to receive a verification code with a temporary phone number is to operate it in exactly the same way as a regular number. Just put it on the registration form when signing up for the iHerb account and proceed to the next step. Then open the SMS-Man service once again and press the “Get SMS” button that is placed next to your number. There will appear a verification code containing a few digits. Use it to confirm registration.

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