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Create a Facebook Business Account for Free!

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When you start advertising on Facebook, it is necessary to create a Business account. It allows you to change ad settings more significantly, adds security to your campaign, and increases the usability of the app for you. Also, it can be used as Page Editor. Let’s check how to make it easier.

What is Facebook Business?

If you are about to set up a business or you already have one, then you need a business page. Facebook is simply not that kind of social network, its 1.82 billion daily active users make it impossible to ignore.

This is probably the reason why more than 300 million businesses use its free services. This also applies to business pages. As you might have guessed creating a Facebook business page is a free way to promote your business.

The good news is that setting up a Facebook account for a business is fairly straightforward, and you probably already have all the necessary components in place to get started. Let’s dive into the process.

At the moment Facebook Business is only available worldwide for small companies. But next year larger companies will be able to use the tool as well.

Facebook Business is available on computers and mobile devices. To use it on a smartphone, download the Android or iOS app.

If you’re already using Facebook Business Manager to manage your marketing resources, logging into your desktop account will automatically take you to the Facebook Business page.

The main features of Facebook* Business Suite:

  • Creating, planning and posting social media posts.
  • Share messages with your subscribers.
  • Collect audience statistics.
  • Launch advertisements.

Why do you need Facebook Business?

Generally, we don’t even think about Business. I think 90% of readers of our blog don’t know what is Facebook Business. But it is a very useful thing, isn’t it?

You can grow up your business, find your target audience, start an ad campaign, and more pretty things for any business, even very small. Just start your way to the advertisement with our advice!

Searching for Business Suite

First, you have to log in to your Facebook account from your PC. After that you will be able to see a column of services on the left part of the screen: here you should click “Business Suite“. Now you are in.

How to create a facebook business account

It is known that you may have more than one business account on your main. But you have to remember that everyone has a limit to the creating (in my case, I can make only 3 accounts).

But if it is possible to make a new one, go ahead. In appeared window find the left side with the menu, click on the first triangle and you’ll see that:

Tap “Create a Business Account” and the form will appear in the center of the screen:

After entering your name, you will have to type some info:

After that, your new Business account will be ready. That’s all! Easy and free.

Now you can easily manage your advertisement right in favourite social network. Be careful about budgets and keep an eye out for new articles!

What if I don’t have a basic account?

It is very easy to sign up for a new one with SMS-Man! We wrote how to use our numbers recently.

Also, you can use our special Telegram Channel with free numbers, check it right now!