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Create Facebook Business Account for free!

When you start advertising on Facebook, it is necessary to create Business account. It allows you to change ad settings more significantly, adds security to your campaign, increase usability of Facebook for you. Also it can be used as Page Editor. Let’s check how to make it easily.

Searching for Business Suite

At first you have to log in your Facebook account from PC. After that you will be able to see column of services in left part of screen: here you should click “Business Suite“. Now you are in.

Creating Facebook Business Account

It is known that you may have more than one business account on your main. But you have to remember that everyone has a limit of creating (in my case, I can make only 3 accounts).

But if it is possible to make new one, go ahead. In appeared window find left side with menu, click on first triangle and you’ll see that:

Tap “Create a Business Account” and form will appear in center of screen:

After entering name, you will have to type some info:

After that your new Business account will be ready. That’s all! Easy and free.

Step-by-step video instruction

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