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How to rent phone numbers for SMS

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Every day you and I use dozens if not hundreds of services. But what do they all have in common? Of course, we create an account or accounts for each of them. But what do you do if you need a second account or to create your first account for a service? Naturally, rent a phone number at our service sms-man!

phone rent service sms-man

In this article I’d like to talk about our telephone rent service called sms-man. It’s a service which sells and lets out virtual phone numbers. Of course, you can buy a disposable number for each of the services and probably it will be even cheaper. But a leased number has many positive advantages:

Multiple use. Such a number can be used more than once. You can create an unlimited number of accounts linked to this number.

Duration. One-time number works only once, it has no expiration date. In the case of a leased number is quite different: depending on the duration you choose it can work for a day, 2, a week or even a month.

Permanent access. You have constant access to this number for the duration of the lease. For example, you forget your password to some service, but you can quickly restore it because you have access to your number.

There are many more positive aspects that I haven’t mentioned. There are also positive aspects of using our service:

our support is working 24/7. You can write to us on the website, telegram, discord. Most importantly, we will never leave you alone with a problem.

Privacy. On our site you do not bind your phone number when you register, which makes your data protected. All the information is not transmitted anywhere when you refill the balance.

Assortment. We have a huge number of numbers for different countries around the world and more than 200 services. And the number is growing every day. As we replenish the number of countries and services. As the variety of countries for rent is growing.

Variability. You have several options for buying a number. For example, disposable or as in our case rent. You can choose what you need.

But to use our virtual numbers you need a high-quality VPN service, which will not let you down. Such is hidemy.Name VPN.

Why do you need a VPN?

The explanation is extremely simple. Your computer has a specific IP address because it is connected to the Internet. For example, you are in the U.S., but you bought a Vietnamese number. The system recognizes from your IP that you are not in Vietnam. You’ll be sent your code, but it won’t reach you because the number is Vietnamese. But there is a solution: just connect to a VPN.Of course, we all like to save money, so most likely many of you are looking for a free VPN service right now. This is not the best option, because in most cases, it will be fraudulent programs that will steal all your personal data. I recommend you hidemy.Name VPN. the advantages here are immediately visible: fast support, which works 24/7. You will always be provided with uninterrupted connection and most importantly, the servers are located in many major cities around the world. You can subscribe for a year and forget about constant payments. Convenient, fast, cheap!

how to rent a phone number for sms?

  • Go to our website and create an account. It’s quite quick to create an account: in the upper right corner, click on sign in and fill in all the required data.

create sms man account

  • Top up your balance. This can be done in any way you want in the tab “payment”. There, just below, you can see the exchange rate for recharging.

top up balance

  • Now we can go to the tab “rent”. Choose a country, buy a number and start using.

rent a phone number

This article comes to its logical conclusion. Now you know about phone rent service sms-man and how to rent a phone number.

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