Create a Revolut account: registration without a phone number in 2022
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Create a Revolut account: registration without a phone number in 2022

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UntitledHello dear readers! Today I will tell you about Revolut account – what it is and why it is one of the most popular and popular sites. Revolut is a digital alternative to Banks. The application allows the client to quickly and easily open a card or create a virtual card. It is a unique system which includes all your payments, all your cards, wallets and so on. It contains everything for you to use your funds comfortably and you do not have to constantly have a bunch of different cards in your pocket or on different platforms. You can send and request funds at the touch of a button in over 200 countries! You can also use your funds abroad and make commission-free transfers without any fees or extra costs.

How does it work?

Conversion is done in real time at the current exchange rate. Revolut account cards have a stylish and beautiful design. With Revolut you can easily and simply transfer funds into cryptocurrency. Revolut is the coolest digital bank today! You have free access to multi-currency account up to 30 different currencies! Registration is not complicated, but at the very beginning you need to enter your phone number to register.

But there is one point! The card can not get all users, because in many countries it is not possible to register on the site using a cell phone (code) of their country. And in this case our website can help you All you need to do is just buy a virtual phone number of any country! 

Why do you need a virtual number? 

Why do you need a virtual number? It’s simple, in the modern world sometimes we do not have enough one account for personal needs, and we are looking for ways to make it easy and convenient to register at all, and that it does not take much time and effort. Very often we have services of different countries which we can not use being in our country, and in this moment our services can be very useful. This is what our site is for. We have a large number of numbers of any countries and services that are of interest to people. Our company provide both single registration and for a specified period of time. 

We try to make the world a better place! Join in! 😊

 How do I get a phone number for revolut?

1.First you need to register with SMS-MAN. All you have to do is have a working email address to pass the test.sms-man reg

2.After that you need to select USA from the list of countries and select revolut from the list of services

3.As you can see, you need to click “BUY” so that you can purchase the number for revolut

4.Once you click the button, your purchased number will appear at the top of the home page. Copy and paste it into the registration form and ask for confirmation. You can get the code on our website by simply clicking on the “GET SMS” button next to your number.

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