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Get a US virtual phone number outside America

US Phone number

Do you want to get an American number outside America? Let’s first understand what American plates are for?

Today, American telephone numbers are popular in many countries. This is advantageous for companies who often negotiate with partners located in America. It’s a great way to optimise the costs associated with frequent long distance calls. This opportunity arises because there is no need to pay high roaming bills

Features and benefits for US virtual phone number

There are many other benefits to owning a virtual phone number, in addition to financial savings:

-There is no need to be linked to geographic location. The caller will see in the incoming call the phone belonging to the caller who is in the USA.
-When you are away from your home, the charges are calculated according to the operator’s tariffs. Charges are as for a long distance call but not as for an international call.
-The owner of an American number has the opportunity to raise the profile of the company. Because you can have an American number only if you are in any city in the state.

Thanks to our SMS Number USA service, anyone can subscribe to the resource they are interested in without having to provide their real phone number in the USA, so they are fully protected from intrusive advertising.

A virtual US number for receiving SMS messages is ideal if you receive a message from a specific recipient once and do not want to receive it again in the future (or at least you clearly understand that this temporary US number may disappear from the list of available messages). One of the most obvious uses, for example, is for quick sign-ups for projects that don’t require you to keep personal information or money.

Are there any restrictions on using our services? No, the US virtual number used for SMS can receive messages on the service you choose, and users can switch to another phone at any time. For example, you cannot receive SMS from a US virtual number because another user is already registered with the service.

How to purchase virtual us mobile number for sms verification

In order to create a profile on a social networking site or an online shop that will not be deleted after a while, all you need to do is purchase a number from us. A US phone number is the best way to do this. The guide below describes how to get one quickly and easily

1. Visit the SMS-Man homepage, click on the Sign Up form and start the registration process.


2. In order to purchase number your account need to have balance, that’s why you need to top up it. Use the  payment method which are shown on the page to replenish your balance.


3. Now return to the homepage of our website.


4. Select the US phone number from country list.


5. Scroll down, choose the service from according list to receive the verification code from it and click the «BUY» button.


You have just purchased a US text message number. You can find it at the top of the home page and in your profile request history. To activate it, enter it on the website or app of your choice and request a verification code, then press the “Get SMS” button to display an incoming text message.

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