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Russian virtual number : how to get and how much it costs

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Do you need a Russian virtual number? It can be used to register on various sites and receive SMS. Service “Sms-man” offers to buy a virtual Russian number at a price of 25 cents. The sale will be automatic. If you have any questions, you can use the feedback form to communicate with the manager. He will clarify any unclear points in online mode.

Before you buy a virtual number in Russia, consider the following features:

  1. Work in any country without restrictions. The main condition should be called online in the Internet.
  2. you will not be able to use such numbers to receive or make calls. It must be used to receive SMS.

russian virtual numbers from sms-man

Advantages of “Sms-man” when buying virtual Russian numbers
Developers create services based on the wishes of users. A number of advantages for clients:

  1. Advantageous price policy. We offer a virtual Russian number for receiving Sms from only 4 rubles. This is more attractive conditions than competing services can provide.
  2. Variety of services. We offer to buy or rent a one-time virtual number in Russia.
  3. User-friendly interface. Site is the most clear and customer-oriented. In case of any questions, manager will answer them instantly.
  4. Multiple payment methods. you can deposit money in one of the available ways. It will not be difficult to buy a virtual phone number for sms in Russia without commission. For payment, you can use currencies of different countries.
  5. Support 24/7. It is possible to consult on a site at any time of the day, as well as to receive a virtual number in Russia.

The service is constantly being improved to meet the needs of users.

How to get a Russian number on “Sms-man”

Despite the clear and user-friendly interface, it is necessary to take a closer look at the process of buying on the site. The instructions include several steps:

  1. Firstly, Go to the main page of the service. To create a personal account it is necessary to register. Fill in the appropriate fields, pass a simple protection against bots.

2. After registration you need to top up your account. it should be borne in mind that such a virtual number for texting in russia is not free. The minimum amount to recharge the account is 399 rubles

3. thirdly, now the service provides the opportunity to make purchases. Go back to the main page of the site. To get a virtual phone number of Russia, choose the appropriate item among the proposed list. For the user’s convenience, a search by country is available.

4. Then you can specify the service whose activation is required. This is very convenient, because it avoids unnecessary complications. Here you can specify the phone number for Facebook in Russia or another option.

We now have a mobile number at our disposal. It cannot be used to make calls, but it is allowed to receive SMS. Go to the site or service where you want to register. Enter the number to send a text message to him.

To receive sms to receive sms to a virtual number in Russia, go to “Profile” service “Sms-man“. Here we need an item “query history”. All incoming text messages come here.

Virtual phone number for SMS in Russia from “Sms-man”.

The site offers a convenient system of cooperation with online support. It will not be difficult to buy virtual numbers for texting in Russia for VK, Telegram, Facebook and many other resources. A high degree of personal data protection is guaranteed. Individuals and companies are allowed to buy, there are no limits on the number of numbers or any other limits.

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