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Locanto: registration without a mobile phone number

create locanto account without phone number

locanto is the most popular bulletin board, visited by more than 10 million people per month. Here you can sell or buy household appliances, animals, clothes and shoes, equipment, ready-made businesses, cars, real estate – just about anything your heart desires. The main disadvantage for users is the ability to post a limited number of ads for free. For example, only 1 free ad can be placed in the Transport section. This limitation can be bypassed if you know how to pass the locanto registration without a phone number.

Blocking Risks

Many users are wondering how to create a locanto account and whether there can be more than one? Sure, but you just need to be careful that your profiles are not blocked by the administration.

Often when using multiple accounts, users encounter this message: “locanto account is blocked for multiple accounts”.

To avoid getting in such situation it’s better to use VPN-services to change IP and change content and photos in your ad if you want to post it from different profiles. that’s why we recommend you to use proven service hidemy. name VPN. it will also help you to pass the locanto phone verification. 

locanto registration with sms-man

 How to bypass locanto registration?

In order to create a locanto account, you will need to confirm the cell phone number. It is not at all profitable to buy specially for this purpose one more SIM card for 300 rubles. You can do everything much easier and cheaper.

On the website sms-man.com you can buy a virtual number for the locanto account register. He makes it possible to receive an SMS with a verification code and make a locanto account, just as with an ordinary SIM card. But it costs ten times less. The process itself is very simple and takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

We have virtual numbers for locanto various operators from around the world, and so to which there is special trust from the administration. You can pay for the number in rubles, dollars and cryptocurrency.

How to complete locanto registration with “Sms-man” service

With the help of virtual phone numbers you can create several or many accounts on Avito. To get it you need to perform the following actions:

Go to sms-man.com and register.

  1. Replenish your account via the “Pay” section using a convenient payment system.
  1. Go to the home page and in the search box enter “locanto”.
  1. Click on “Get” opposite the virtual number.
  1. Now open the site locanto and in the top right corner click on “Login and Registration”. Then in the window click on “Register”.
  1. Enter the virtual number.
  1. Go back to sms-man.com and go to the tab “History of requests”. In front of the number click on “Get sms”.
  1. The code we need from the SMS will appear in the column “SMS”. Write it in the appropriate window on locanto.

The registration is finished, and you can place ads. Now you know how to bypass locanto registration with virtual phone number in a few minutes, spending less than a dollar.





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