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How to use Tinder without a phone number in 2022

Tinder without phone number

It is not easy to find a person who didn’t use Tinder at least once. This could have ended up either as a good or bad experience. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is the most popular dating app at the moment. Millions of people open it every day to find friends, build relationships or simply spend some time chatting with strangers. It was that simple for everyone until confidentiality on the web has become a real thing. These days there are many people who want to use Tinder without phone number.

Verifying a mobile number is mandatory when registering with this dating app. Who says it must be a personal one though? With that being said, there is still an effective solution for those who for some reason cannot or don’t want to disclose their own phone numbers on the web.

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What does it take to operate Tinder without phone number?

As was noted above, there is no way to proceed further without completing verification of mobile phone number during registration on Tinder. However, there is a way to complete it without operating a personal number. The key is a temporary phone number. Such numbers are designed specifically for those who struggle to sign up for online services requiring going through a verification process. They allow basically everyone to receive a verification code from a specific online service over the internet.

It is not necessary to even have a smartphone to operate temporary numbers. This pecularity make it possible to sign up for Tinder without phone number right on a laptop or PC. To add more, such a solution is also relatively inexpensive. For example, it is possible to purchase a temporary phone number for Tinder issued by a cellular provider in India just for $0.20. There is absolutely no chance of obtaining a new SIM card at this price. The best thing though is that this option is available everywhere.

Where to get a temporary number?

Temporary numbers are a basic internet tool. So they are pretty easy to get with appropriate services on the web. There are many of those that allow users to create Tinder login without phone number in minutes. SMS-Man is on their list as well. With this platform, everyone can get a temporary number for receiving OTP from Tinder. You can also choose between more than a hundred countries even though it doesn’t really matter. It is possible to use numbers from different countries while located in one place. So this feature is available anywhere in the world. Just follow these steps:

1. Go through registration at

2. Refill the balance using a suitable method from the payment page.

3. Proceed to the main page and start setting up parameters for a temporary phone number. The first thing to choose is its issuing country. You can select basically any of those that are available.

4. Move on to the section with websites and apps, open the full list and look for Tinder. There is also a search option to make the process easier.

5. Press the buy button to get a temporary number.

You completed the most difficult part. It is all ready to use Tinder without phone number. Just proceed to the next part of this article to find out how to use the received temporary phone number for the intended purpose.

Using a temporary phone number for Tinder

This procedure doesn’t really differ much from using regular numbers. Basically, there is the only thing that is different is that the verification code will come to SMS-Man instead of your mobile phone or tablet. At every other point, it’s completely the same. So this is how to use Tinder without phone number:

1. Put a temporary number on the registration page on Tinder through a web browser or mobile app.

2. Double check it is provided correctly and request OTP.

3. Get back to our service and reveal the verification code by clicking “Get SMS”.

Now just copy the code and finish registration with it. So can you use Tinder without a phone number? Definitely yes. If for some reason there is no way to manage a personal phone number for this purpose then just take advantage of temporary phone numbers. They are always available.

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