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How to create google ad accounts without a phone number

google ad accounts

Do you have several projects that you want to develop? You must have thought about advertising. Then you need google ad accounts for each project. But where to get so many numbers? let’s talk about the types of advertising, How to get google ad phone numbers with the sms-man service and how to create the account itself.

google ad accounts

Types of ads in google adsense

Google’s advertising system offers advertisers different types of ads that can be tailored to their marketing metrics:

Text ads. The simplest and most classic form of advertising. They consist of a headline, ad text and a displayed link. The title consists of 25 characters, the text of the ad – only 70 characters (evenly spaced on two lines). In this format, you can not use special characters. By the way, question or exclamation marks may occur only once.

Ad banners. These graphical ads may appear on the Google ad network and appear on the websites of partners who are registered with AdSense. You can add ads in GIF or Flash format. Banners can be created from your own settings or from your AdWords settings.

Video Ads. Advertisers can place this type of advertising through their own YouTube videos or movies or through individual clips or channels.

Product Ads. These are theoretically classic graphic product ads. Such ads consist of an image of the product, the name of the product, the price, and perhaps a short advertising slogan or note. What is new is that this information is not corrected with the ad itself, but must be entered into the product listings that the advertiser uploads to the Google Merchant Center. 

Dynamic Search Ads. These search advertisements are not pre-installed or pre-written, but are created dynamically by the AdWords system. The ads are built on the content of the advertiser’s website.

Click-to-call: This option offers users the ability to start a conversation with a company with a single click. For text ads, for example, the right phone number can also be added.

how to create google ad accounts

You need to enter your first name, last name, date of birth, gender, Gmail address, password, and phone number and get a code. the sms-man service will help you with the code. 

A brief instruction on what to do on our site. go to our website sms-man and in the upper right corner you can create an account. everything is very simple, so I will not focus on this. after registration you need to put money on the account balance. this operation can be performed in the appropriate tab of the top panel. then go to the main page. here choose google in the list of services and any country you need.

get google ad phone number, it will  displayed to you at the top of the site. 

Secondly, enter it when you register your account and get a google adsense verification code.

Thirdly, Go back to our site and click on the button next to the “get sms” number. google adsense verification code will appear right below the number.

Next, go to the google adsense service site. Log in to the account you just registered by clicking on the “Login” button.

now you know how to create google ad accounts using our service sms-man.


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