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How to sign up for WhatsApp without phone number?

Whatsapp became an integral part of Russians’ lives long ago, along with smartphones and other modern gadgets. Using it, you can communicate with text and voice messages, as well as send files of any extension. You can do all this for free, all you need is an Internet connection.

To sign up for this messenger, one must confirm the registration via a phone number, which means creating an account on WhatsApp without SIM is impossible.

Many people use this application to promote their businesses, which requires getting many logins. But it is expensive to buy a SIM card for each of them. So, the question arises: “How to WhatsApp without saving number at minimum cost?”.

Регистрация в Ватсапе без номера телефона

Registration on WhatsApp without SIM

At first glance, it seems impossible to use WhatsApp without phone, but there is an effective and simple solution to this problem. If you want to successfully sign up for this messenger without buying a SIM, use the service Sms-man, which provides a virtual number for registration for 6 rubles.

Here are the key advantages of the website

  • Cheap prices. They start from 4 rubles. So, one can pass SMS confirmation for 4-15 rubles on average.
  • The opportunity to choose the country of the mobile operator. You can link your login to any country in the world.
  • Easy payments. They accept payments in rubles, dollars, and cryptocurrencies through a wide range of payment systems.

Buying a virtual phone number for registration on WhatsApp without saving number

Using the service Sms-man, you can buy a virtual number to sign up for WhatsApp without SIM within just a few minutes. Just take the following steps:

  1. Go to and complete a quick registration.

2. Open the menu “Payment” and deposit the account in the most convenient way.

3. Choose “WhatsApp” on the main page, and you will see the list of countries with the prices of virtual phone numbers.

4. Choose the country you need and click on the button “Get”.

5. The number will be added to the section “Request history”.

6. Now, go back to WhatsApp and enter the number received into the corresponding box. A message with a verification code will be sent to the virtual number, which you have bought.

7. Next, go back to and open “Request History”. Click on “Get SMS”, and the code will appear in the column “SMS”.

8. Enter it into Whatsapp.

That’s it, now you have a Whatsapp login without phone. All in all, the registration will take you about 5 minutes and less than 30 rubles.
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