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How to sign up for Whatsapp without phone number or with fake phone number

WhatsApp without phone number

WhatsApp has long established itself as an indispensable assistant in the life of any person. This online service provides the opportunity to send text messages, make calls to another part of the world and share various files. All these options are available for free. Everything that the user is required to have is an internet connection. But despite its simplicity, for some reason, many people are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to sign up for WhatsApp without phone number. Read below to find out the answer and solution.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without phone number?

Millions of people operate this platform as the main tool to promote their products and services. It is difficult to do this on a large scale without having a bunch of accounts. But at the same time buying a separate SIM card for each profile registration is a pretty expensive solution. This is just one of many reasons why the question of how to start using WhatsApp without a phone number is so popular these days.

But there is bad news for everyone regardless of the occasion. Creating an account on this messenger takes completing mobile number verification. This condition is mandatory and cannot be skipped. Thus, unfortunately, no one can create WhatsApp account without phone number. However, it can still be done in a much easier and more profitable way than buying a SIM card. Just do this with online numbers.

What is an online number for WhatsApp?

This feature is relatively new on the market. But despite this, it is already in high demand among people. An online phone number is the same as a regular number beside the fact that it is used via the internet. There is no need to visit any real store to get such a number and use it to create an account. Moreover, it is a quite cheap service. For example, the price for an online number for WhatsApp at SMS-Man starts at $0.10. So using it is way more cost-effective than buying SIM cards and definitely affordable for everyone.

How to get a fake number for WhatsApp verification via SMS?

The main advantages of this service are the low cost and the option to select in which country the phone number will be issued. However, in addition to that, those who decide to use SMS-Man also get easy to navigate interface. In this regard, the whole process of registering on WhatsApp without mobile number with this platform takes a small amount of time. Here is how it goes:

1. Create a profile at and log in.

2. Choose and use a suitable payment method on the related tab to replenish your balance.

3. On the start page of the service choose the WhatsApp app and the country of the mobile operator.

4. Make a purchase by clicking on the appropriate button.

5. Your fake number will appear at the top of the site.

It remains only to copy and enter it in the registration form in the application. In order to see the received verification code just get back to SMS-Man and click on the “Get SMS” button.

This is literally everything that it takes to sign up for WhatsApp without phone number. To perform this task we spent a few minutes and less than a dollar. You can repeat those steps over and over again to create as many accounts as needed.

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