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Steam. Create a new account: step-by-step instructions

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The Steam platform is one of the most popular online services for selling computer games. It constantly announces discounts or sales. players actively use the platform for streaming and as a social network. The number of users is about 120 million people a day. If you need to create a new Steam account, you need to link your cell phone number to it.

A profile may be needed not only as an additional one. It can be used to promote certain products on the platform. In any case, the question of how to create a new Steam account arises. Where to get one or more phone numbers? There is no need to buy Sim cards. Service “Sms-man” offers virtual numbers for registration in Steam from $0.31.

buy virtual number for new steam account

Why it’s better to create than buy a new account

There are a huge number of ads on the Internet for the sale of accounts on various services. Will buying a new Steam account be a good approach? Let’s list the main disadvantages of this method.

  • Price. Selling an empty profile starts from 5-6 rubles. This is a low cost, but registering a new Steam account with a virtual number will cost less.
  • Security. Are you sure that the seller will not take back the sold profiles? Or he may sell them to several people at once. you should not forget about these complications.
  • Blocking. The service regularly issues mass bans to suspicious accounts obtained through mass registration. A new Steam account from a merchant perfectly fits this description.

Self-registration allows you to avoid the problems described earlier.

How to make a new Steam account using the “Sms-man” service

The task at hand is quite simple. It is necessary to divide the process into two stages. First, the purchase of a virtual number, then the registration of a new Steam account on it.

  1. Let’s start with creating a profile on the service “Sms-man”. To do this, you need to register, where you specify only an electronic mailbox.

create account on the sms-man

2. To buy a virtual number, you need to have money on your account. Go to “Payment” section. The screenshot shows the location of the link.

There is a field for specifying the recharge amount. Choose the appropriate method and click “Pay”.

payment methods of the sms-man

4. Return to the main page of the service. You need to specify the country and service. You can select them from the list or enter them through the search. When a suitable option is found, press the “Buy” button.

select service for virtual phone number

Now we have purchased a virtual number. In the next step, use it to create a new Steam account.

  1. Click “Login” in the upper right corner of the page.

creating new steam account

2. In the window that appears, select “Join Steam”.

join steam with new steam account

3. To quickly create a new Steam account, fill out the registration form.

add virtual number for your new steam account

4. After you have created a profile, you can attach a virtual number to it. We are interested in the “Steam Guard” section. Enter and press the button “Add Authenticator”. Now you need to enter the number to which the SMS is sent.

5. Go to the site “Sms-man“. On the main page, click “Get SMS” and copy the confirmation code. After that, enter it on the service Steam.

We have considered in detail how to register a new Steam account and assign a virtual number to it.


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