Where to get games for free: legal free-download options? Steam.
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Where to get games for free: legal free-download options? Steam.


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Don’t want to pay for computer games and are looking for where to get games for free? There are few options: either turn to the “dark” side, resorting to Internet piracy, or stay within the law, choosing the path of free giveaways and profitable promotions from famous online gaming platforms. In this article I will tell you where get steam games for free

You may not be able to download some super popular games for free, but you will definitely find some decent alternatives.

Where can I get free games – welcome to gaming platforms:


Steam is an important destination for a true connoisseur of digital games who was looking for where to get games for free. To get access to free games, just go to the Steam section with the appropriate name. Several thousand different options that can be filtered in a couple of seconds by genre, category and type of supported operating system.

New, popular and expected – even half of the list is enough to fully immerse yourself in virtual entertainment for several months: Paladins, Warframe, Dota2, and many others.

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Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to buy games in Steam. But the main thing is one: there is DRM on this gaming platform. This means that if the game account is blocked or when Steam itself is closed, all games ever purchased there will sink into oblivion.

That is why many gamers prefer an alternative option – the GOG platform. Where you can get free games of good quality. GOG is similar to Steam, but there is also an important difference. Many of its games do not contain DRM, which means that even when the platform is closed. Players will still have access to their favorite shooters, strategies and other joys of gaming life.

It is worth noting the loyalty of the Polish gaming service to users – responsive technical support, the ability to return a game that could not be launched within 30 days, a lot of bonus programs, and, of course, free games. A nice bonus for Linux users – most games in GOG support this operating system. The only drawback of the platform is the small size of the library.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Hundreds of discounts, interesting promotions, as well as several hundred exciting games – the online platform Humble Bundle is a unique place. There are no regional price tags, so some games will cost more than on major platforms. But the Humble Bundle has a special feature – the so-called “bundles”.

Of course, this is not the place where you can get free games on the ps4, but many of the coolest developments of recent years can be purchased here at a magical price.

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