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Anonymity on the Internet and social networks



The Internet as we see it through social networks is very firmly entrenched in our lives. Everyone finds something important here. Something that makes you log in to a social network account over and over again. And it’s not just about being able to surround yourself with a friendly environment. Or even find communities that suit your interests. This is something more — here you can solve work issues, run a successful business, find something new. But what about anonymity in social networks?

Повышение уровня анонимности в социальных сетях

Social networks receive increased attention from various legal structures, as well as those who are used to being “in the shadows”. Actually, why not? When you see so many new opportunities in front of you that allow you to conduct the necessary level of surveillance of any of the users, it is difficult to deny yourself the reproduction of a semblance of control over society.

Anonymity in social networks. networks — security first of all

Many people do not see anything contradictory in these words. Entire organizations are ready to maintain their anonymity on social networks day after day. “I don’t need it!” — an ordinary user of the network will object — ” Unlike someone there, I am law-abiding, so why this hide-and-seek?”

On the one hand, he will be right. Everything looks logical, and if you project the situation to real life, you can see that the majority of those who try their best to maintain anonymity are most often interconnected with crime and fraudulent actions.

Анонимность в соц. сетях — безопасность прежде всего

For example

Let’s take as an example the aggressive promotion of their products and services, which most people are used to calling spam. If we look at this from the legislative side, we will see that everything is clean, it is very difficult to violate the established legal framework. But in fact, we see that the struggle of social networks themselves with such methods of promotion does not stop for a second. In this case, it is simply necessary to use all possible means of protecting and preserving confidentiality.

We will not go far, another example is very close. Blocking social networks. There is always some possibility to unknowingly violate some rule set by the service(improperly commented on the record, posted prohibited content). And it’s not about self-will at all. More often, the lack of experience working with a social network affects.

The user does not commit an intentional action, but in response receives a penalty. At best, he remains without an account, at worst he forever loses the opportunity to interact with this social network. And what can be answered to this? And the fact that if the user remained anonymous, he would be able to re-register on this service without any problems.

To maintain confidentiality you can use Sms-man service!

A virtual number will always help to maintain anonymity in front of people who may have a negative impact on your life. There are more than enough situations when a person should not reveal himself in our time. And to bear the consequences because of your own carelessness is not too right way.

How become anonymous using a virtual number?

Very often you can see such a situation: a user, having specified a fictitious First and Last name when registering on a social network, begins to think that nothing threatens his anonymity now. But unfortunately this is not the case. This may help in some uncomplicated situation, but there is no need to talk about complete anonymity.

The best option is to use a virtual number. When using it, you can count on effective protection of both your personal data and productive work without any negative consequences in your favor.

Another significant plus is that by creating another account using a virtual number, you give yourself the opportunity not to worry about annoying calls and other consequences that can overtake you when using a real phone number. Let only your friends, relatives and friends know it.

We strongly recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to strengthen your security on the network and social networks, and use the virtual numbers of the service You can read more about their use in this article.

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