How to make a fake cell phone number for registration in popular services?
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How to make a fake cell phone number for registration in popular services?

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How to create a fake cell phone number for registration on different websites? Smsman service offers generate a fake number to sign up for  any service without exception for only 25 cents.

In the past, just having an e-mail address to register on Internet sites was quite enough, but nowadays almost any service more or less  on the net requires confirmation of a  phone number. mobile phone.

However, not all users want to share personal data on the Internet. Someone needs to create an additional account on social networks, messengers, message boards or dating sites, but it would be expensive to buy a separate SIM card for this.

A reasonable question arises – how to generate a fake cell phone number to sign up for a suitable service with minimum payment?

The cheapest and most  affordable way to generate a fake cell phone number for registration is to purchase a virtual number. There are many services out there that offer SMS activation services on different websites.

They provide an online phone number to receive SMS for a small fee for a certain period of time, so  you can register on the desired website or in the app. One such source is the website

Generate fake registration number  from 25 cents

If you don’t know how to generate fake phone number to register on different websites, use resource. It gives you the opportunity to purchase a virtual number for registration on popular and even lesser known social networks. social networks, dating sites, delivery services and others from as little as 25 cents.

Advantages of activating SMS  from “Smsman”:

subscribe to any service without exception. The website presents fake registration numbers on 300 different websites. If you don’t even find the  resource you want in the list,  there is a separate section with the subscription number in all other resources.

a diverse selection of  mobile operator countries. You can generate a fake number to register through mobile operators from Russia, Ukraine,  USA, China, Canada, Germany – there are more than 260 mobile operators from all over the world in the list.

automatic maintenance. You can buy a number at any time of the day, because “Smsman” works in automatic mode. Text messages arrive instantly and without delay.

pays in a convenient currency. You can generate fake registration numbers for dollars or cryptocurrencies. To do this, a large number of payment systems are available on the site.

is completely anonymous. To purchase a fake number, it is not necessary to specify your passport data and any other personal information.

How to generate a fake cell phone number for registration via “Smsman”

The Smsman platform is intuitively designed for maximum convenience. It wouldn’t be difficult to generate a fake registration number  even for someone who has never encountered such services.

To get a number you must:

1. Visit the website  and complete a simple registration.

simple registration

2. Send money through a convenient payment system in a suitable currency.


3.Open the main page, then select the country and service  you need to receive  SMS in the search bar. If it’s not in the list,  enter “Any other”.

4. Click the “Buy” button.

5. Once received, enter the fake phone number when registering  the resource you need.

6.You can receive SMS messages under “Profile” > “Request History”.

“Sms-man” is the cheapest and most  convenient way to get a fake phone number to subscribe to any service with just a few clicks.


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