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Top 5 Email without phone number

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People use email for almost 20 years. Now it is widely-used just like service for get emails from apps where you log in with this email.

But there is small detail that seriously dumps any opportunity to have anonymous mailbox: usage of phone number during sign up. Even in crypted mails you have to use it.

Top 5 mailboxes to use

We have some list of the best services where you can pass verification without your real phone number. Instead of it you can get free phone number on SMS-Man, like it shown in video below.

But we can do it here too. At first, top:

  • Gmail – truly giant of mail from Google, which can be used to sign up almost everywhere with your Google account
  • ProtonMail – one of the most private mail, where used cryptotechnology for every plan you use (even in free version)
  • AOL – beautiful mail client which look like clone of Yahoo.
  • Yandex – russian most used service where you can also use virtual phone number
  • Outlook – something like an answer from Microsoft to Google in war of mail traffic.

Let’s briefly find out how to use SMS-Man numbers in these apps.

Why you should use SMS-MAN?

Nowadays data is being leaked more often with a new day. You have to keep in mind that every account you have can be leaked. And it will be sad if this account have some personal data inside. First and one of the most unprotected part of your bio is phone number. If somebody will get access to that array of digits, you will get tons of marketing sms from bombers and bulk senders. Do you really want to become victim?

If last question was answered with “No”, SMS-Man have an offer to you. Just come their web-site and find suitable fake phone number which can be used in every mail box. And your real phone number will be left for calls and sms from your family, wife or husband, children, boss and other near people.

Sign up in GMail with virtual phone number

GMail is very easy to sign up with phone number from SMS-Man. If you have troubles with using virtual number or other problems, here we wrote how to deal with it. Of course in video above you also can check what’s wrong with your procedure.

Sign up in Protomail without phone number

Protomail is little bit harder to sign up, but it is not a problem. Just get virtual number and make an email without a phone number, it is easy, you can check what’s up in video and here.

Now Protomail is one of the most private services that you can use to send and receive e-mails.

Log in AOL to create email without phone numberaol-email-without-phone

AOL is not so popular as other email services, but here you also can use email without phone. Just buy it on SMS-Man and use during sign up to get OTP, cheap and easy. Of course if you have promocode, you can get it for free.

Create Yandex account without phone numberyandex-email

Yandex is well-known service from Russia, which provides reliable e-mail and other web and app services (even their own search system). Here you can be anonymous too, but it is more difficult to use virtual numbers here.

Outlook email without phone number – is it real?outlook-email

There is lots of messages that you can’t use fake phones to sign up in Outlook. You can be sure, it is fake. Of course, Microsoft like all other companies can’t differ real phone numbers and virtual ones. But sometimes using second type causes troubles and you may reject 3-4 numbers until you get suitable one.
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