Is it possible to create СlubHouse account without a phone number
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Is it possible to create СlubHouse account without a phone number

create clubhouse account with sms-man

Clubhouse is an international audio social network in which communication takes place in themed rooms, live. At the moment you can’t make a recording or listen to the broadcast later, everything happens in the “here and now” mode. I would compare it to Instagram Live: you write the topic and the start time of the broadcast, the audience joins in, the speakers, you can ask for a microphone and give your opinion, or you can create your own room on any topic. to use this application you will need a clubhouse account. so in this article I want to tell you how to create a clubhouse account.

clubhouse account. Why is everyone trying to create it?

The developers used the “belonging to a special group” trigger or in other words they made us all really nervous before we felt “chosen” and finally entered this new world. Read to the end, I will tell you how to get clubhouse verification code

some statistics about the clubhouse app’s gaining popularity

In December 2020, there were about 600,000 users.

In February 2021, there are already over 2,400,000 users.

How do I get into Clubhouse?

Buying invites is unlikely to make sense, so this option is not recommended. But if you really want to, you should at least choose some reliable sellers, like on eBay. But in this option also plays a role the price of such an invitation. Many sites sell invitations and the price ranges from 20 to 300 dollars. The whole internet is trying to get into this new universe, and here the social network is dictating its own rules:

  1. Find a friend who already has access and available invites. Each new user in the clubhouse account has two invitations for friends.
  2. You can create a clubhouse account via phone number. To do this you will need to get your clubhouse verification code sent to your phone number.

How the clubhouse account works

After completing the registration for your clubhouse account you will be asked to choose your interests, and the algorithms will immediately suggest people to sign up with. Once you enter any room, you become a listener. To ask a question or join a discussion, you have to “raise your hand” by pressing the appropriate button. If the moderator approves the request, the microphone turns on and you can speak.


If a friend starts a conversation, you’ll see it in your feed. No links or invitations need to be sent like in Zoom. To make sure you don’t miss important discussions, there are notifications and a calendar that appears on the home screen. There is no recording of conferences, all communication takes place in real time, and when the room disappears at the end. True, you can warn participants about recording in advance by adding a note in the description of your clubhouse account. Otherwise, when you try to enable screen capture is likely to get a ban.

create clubhouse account with sms-man

how to buy a number from sms-man?

  • At first, go to the sms-man site.
  • Second, in the upper right corner you can register your account, do it.
  • go to the tab “payments” and top up your balance for the amount you need any way you can. 
  • go to the home page and look for the country that suits you.
  • then choose a little lower in the list of services clubhouse. to select it you need to expand the list and find it in the search. next to it will be a button “buy”. click.
  • this number that you were given on the site when you sign up for a clubhouse account. 
  • go back to the site and get the code, now you can paste it into the appropriate field.

Congratulations, you have received the clubhouse verification code.

Is it worth it?

Definitely yes. The similar format is being prepared for release by Vkontakte, Facebook, but how willing will the audience go to them after such a boom from Clubhouse… We’ll see.

Have you joined yet? What rooms do you hang out in?

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