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How to delete MoneyLion account in 2022

how to delete MoneyLion account

The question of how to delete MoneyLion account cause problems for a lot of people. Need to perform this action might appear in many situations. For example, if there is a better service or it is no longer necessary to use appropriate services at all. Whatever the reason, dealing with it is not really difficult. Everyone can do this with the help of either a mobile phone or a PC. So, in this article, we will explain how to go through both options to leave no questions after that.

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How to delete MoneyLion account personally?

Dealing with this task, as it was stated before, is not difficult. But there is one thing to remember about. Deleting a profile is impossible with the outstanding balance. You must pay them in full before proceeding to deletion. If there is nothing to pay, then follow our simple guide on how to delete MoneyLion account:

1. Sign in to your profile through a web browser or mobile app.

2. Open the account page by tapping its picture.

3. Proceed to the membership tab and choose “Manage My Membership”.

4. Click on the cancel feature.

5. Follow appearing on-screen instructions to confirm your decision.

There might be some additional steps depending on the status of the profile. However, if it has no questions, the process is simple. You can also delete MoneyLion account in another way. It is done by contacting the customer service of the platform.

How to close MoneyLion account through customer service?

This method is a bit more complicated than the previous one. But in turn, it allows deleting a profile completely including other services from a company. Here is how to perform this:

1. Proceed to the Contact Us page of MoneyLion and press “Email us”.

2. Fill in all suggested fields.

3. Choose “Get Help with My Account” as a topic.

4. Explain that you want to delete your profile.

5. Send a request.

Now just wait for a response from customer service. If there are some additional steps to take to delete MoneyLion account that was mentioned, they will let you know. Otherwise, your profile will be completely removed from the platform with an appropriate notification sent to you.

Sign up for a new MoneyLion account with a temporary phone number

Some people decide to delete their profile just because they don’t feel safe about using certain online services. That is especially true for MoneyLion as this platform gathers and stores the personal data of its users. But there is no need to fully stop using the service in that case. You can just create an account on it with a temporary phone number. Such a number provides a person with the best privacy possible. It cannot be used to disclose the identity of its user as well as to receive text messages and calls. With that said, if somehow it ends up in hands of marketers or fraudsters, none of them will be able to do anything with it.

Temporary phone numbers to create a new MoneyLion account are provided by appropriate platforms including SMS-Man. To start getting them it is only necessary to complete a simple registration and replenish the balance. Once done with these steps, select on the main page country of the temporary number provider and find MoneyLion among other available online services. Then click on the purchase button and receive the temporary number. It is used in the same way as a regular phone number so there shouldn’t be any difficulties after that.

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