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How to register at nttgame without a phone number

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Nttgame is one of the first companies to enter the Turkish gaming market. Today, it is the leader in its industry and offers gamers a wide collection of modern games. Moreover, you can play for free – you just need to register and you can use the high quality game service from anywhere in the world.

nttgame занимается публикацией лучших бесплатных игр

How to register at nttgame without a phone number?

The company nttgame is engaged in publishing the best free online games all over the world. Powerful technical base allows us to serve gamers globally, that is why everyone can register to nttgame. You can do it in several ways – on your computer or smartphone.

  1. Go to the site, fill in all the fields of the registration form, check the boxes where you need to agree to the rules and privacy policy. Click “Submit.”
  2. Specify the phone number, to which you want to receive an SMS to activate it. It is better to use a virtual phone number. Service will cost just $0.2 at “Sms-man” service.
  3. Virtual number will receive a digital code to activate your account and you will have access to all the features of the game site nttgame.

You can also register at nttgame via Facebook and Google, if you have accounts there.

Преимущества виртуального номера для nttgame

What are the advantages of buying a virtual number for nttgame

Sms-man service offers only “clean” virtual numbers, which eliminates account blocking not only on this game platform, but also on all other Internet resources.

You can buy a virtual number and use it to create an account in nttgame in a few minutes. To do this you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sms-man site and click on “Registration”.
  2. Fill in the fields in the registration form.
  3. Go back to the main page and type nttgame into the search box.
  4. From the list offered, choose the Turkish number, because the service operates from Turkey. This way the registration will go without any problems.
  5. Open the nttgame website, enter the virtual phone number to register.
  6. Go back to and click on “Request History”. Find your virtual number and click “Get sms”.
  7. It remains only to copy and paste this code into nttgame registration form.
  8. You can also get a number to register in Telegram channel for free!

Everything is ready – go and play online games for free. Thus, thanks to “Sms-man”, you can easily and quickly get sms activation in any online resource.


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