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How to create AOL account without phone number or create fake account?



AOL is a large American company with a wide range of web services for a huge audience. It was one of the first Internet service providers in the United States and directly competed with the global giant Microsoft.

Also, it was one of the first to offer its users email accounts and a messenger. Today, this messenger is not so popular, but mailboxes and other products from this company are still in trend.

You can use their services on the official website and download applications for Android and iOS. Installing the app will allow you to easily use their mail and track the latest news in the world of politics, sports, finance, and celebrity life.

The main features provided by the application:

  • Latest news. You will always stay informed about world events. All articles are only from trusted sources such as AOL Finance and Sports, Engadget, HuffPost, TechCrunch. News can be shared via Facebook, Twitter.
  • Mail. The app gives you the ability to manage your AOL mail wherever you are. Download and send letters quickly, get access to phone and AOL contacts in one place.
  • Weather. Check the weather in your region with a single click. Accurate forecasts for a day and even the next hour.
  • Video and live streaming. Watch videos to fit all tastes or set up your own video streaming on your smartphone.

aol регистрация

Is it possible to make AOL account without phone number?

  1. Go to the website and click on the image with a man and the inscription “Login/Join”.
  2. Next, you will have an opportunity to choose between a standard registration or sign-up via Yahoo or Google, if you have an account on any of these platforms. We will provide instructions on the standard method.
  3. Click on “Create an account”.
  4. Next, fill out the form:

ola регистрация

  • enter your first and last name;
  • create a login for the email address and a password;
  • enter your telephone number;
  • specify the date of birth.
  • after filling in all the lines, press the button “Continue”.
  1. Now you should confirm your cell number. To get a number, use a special service for receiving virtual SMS

6. At first, we need to sign up here. It’s easy

7. After let’s charge our balance. You can do it with any different ways

8. Go to the main page and buy number for

9. Number will be able at the top of the site. Copy it and paste in

10. Now you should confirm your cell number. To do this, click on the button “Text me a verification code”.

ola аккаунт

11. An SMS with a code will be sent to you, enter it in the form and press “Verify”.


So, you have successfully registered a mailbox on this service and created a personal account there, which is the same thing, in fact. Now you can fully enjoy all the benefits and features they offer.


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