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How to create AOL account without phone number or create fake account?

create AOL account

AOL is a world-renowned company that offers various online services. It was one of the first internet providers in the USA and a serious competitor to Microsoft. Over time, however, the platform has undergone many changes. Nowadays its list of solutions is represented by different options such as email service, instant messaging, weather checker and others. Read below about how to create AOL account without using a cell number as well as how to sign up for a fake profile on this platform.

Benefits for those who decide to create AOL account

First of all, the platform is known for being one of the first to offer email and instant messaging services. Even though the second tool is not as popular today, the company’s other solutions are still in high demand among internet users. In addition, it is possible to operate AOL accounts through both the official website and the platform’s mobile app which is available for Android and iOS. The application supports all the necessary functions: mail service, quick sending of messages, as well as reading news from various areas of life.

aol регистрация

Now let’s summarize what was said above. Registering a new AOL account opens access to:

  • Latest news. The platform provides an opportunity to read articles from verified sources and thus stay up-to-date on world events. At the same time, if necessary, the news can be shared with friends on different social network sites.
  • Email service. You can use AOL to send as well as receive emails from friends, relatives and business partners. It is convenient and easy to use.
  • Instant messaging. This function is not very different from the one described above. However, it helps to get in touch with the necessary person faster.
  • Weather check. Nowadays there is no need to use specialized websites to find out the weather in your region. You can find out the forecast for the day and even for the nearest hour right in the app with one click.
  • Watch videos and do live broadcasts. AOL allows each user to watch videos as well as organize live streams right on his phone.

So there are several objective reasons to start using this service. Moreover, taking advantage of those features except email service does not require registering a profile. But is it possible to sign up for AOL email without phone number? Find the answer below.

How can anyone create AOL email without phone number?

There is nothing complicated about this. You only need to use the platform SMS-Man to purchase a VoIP number, which is configured to receive an AOL verification code. The process itself does not require the user to have any special knowledge and takes a few minutes. Let’s see how it works:

1. Open the official AOL site or mobile app and proceed to the profile creation page.

create AOL account

2. Press the “Create an account” button.

create AOL account

3. Fill in all the required fields.

create AOL account

4. Go to and create there a profile.

SMS-Man register

5. Refill the balance of your account by any of the available methods.

SMS-Man recharge

6. Proceed to the home page of the platform and buy a virtual phone for bypassing OTP on AOL in the desired country.

create AOL account

7. Insert the purchased phone number into the profile registration window and request a verification code.

8. Switch back to SMS-Man and hit the “Get SMS” button.

9. Use the received code to create a profile.

So this is what it takes to sign up for AOL email without phone number. Such an account is also considered fake as there is no way to track or associate a virtual number with its owner. You can start enjoying all the benefits that such a tool provides right after completing the last step from our instructions above.

How to create AOL account for a second time?

Virtual numbers have one distinctive feature. If for some reason you need to register multiple AOL accounts, you can easily do it with them. There are no limitations on how many virtual numbers each user can get and activate. So in order to create another profile you just need to obtain another number and repeat the steps from above. Following this way makes it possible to sign up for AOL as many times as required or as finances allow.

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