How to restore an Instagram account without a phone number
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How to restore an Instagram account without a phone number

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If you need to restore your Instagram account without a phone number, the first thing to remember is whether the page was additionally linked to email or Facebook. Through them, you can easily regain access to your account.

Как восстановить инстаграм без номера телефона

We, on the other hand, in this article will look at how to restore an Instagram account without a phone number, if it was tied only to the sim card. Most importantly, this feature is provided by the developers of the social network.

I want to note right away that often the attempt to restore Instagram without a phone does not always end with success. But even if it was not possible to regain access to your account, you can always use the services of our website and buy a virtual number to register on Instagram for only $0.20. Detailed instructions on how to register with a virtual number can be found here.

How to restore an Instagram page without phone number?

To restore an Instagram account without a phone number, you need to write to support through a special form. To do this, follow these steps:

1. To restore a page in Instagram without a number, open the application of the social network (in the normal version on the PC there is no such possibility) and click on the inscription “Get help with logging in”.

2. Enter your username, email, or phone number in the appropriate field and click “Next”.

3. The site takes you to a page where you can choose how to regain access to Instagram. We’re interested in the bottommost link, “Need More Help”.


4. Since we need to restore the Instagram account without a phone number, select the bottom link again, as shown in the photo.

5. Next, you need to select the reason for restoring the Instagram page and specify the email for feedback.

This email will receive an email with 4-5 questions to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Here are some of them:

  1. Why access to the page was lost, and what was the last date the account was accessed.
  2. The phone number or email used to access the page.
  3. The device from which the registration was made. For example, a Samsung M21 running Android.
  4. If the name of the page has changed during the use, then specify the previous versions.

If the support will be enough of this information, then in the reply letter you will be sent an email with a link to change the password and you will be able to restore your Instagram account without a phone number. On average, the answer comes within a few working days.

Other recommendations

It is common that when you click on “Need More Help” you are redirected to the help center. In this case, reinstalling the application or changing the Internet connection can help. For example, connect via Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet.

If you can’t restore access to your account using our instructions, you can always buy a virtual phone number at SMS-Man to register your account on it.

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