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Switzerland phone number for verifications

Switzerland phone number for verifications

Use your Switzerland phone number to register for any services, platforms and messengers for fast remote earning today! Let’s go?

How can you earn money with the registration numbers?

  1. Participate in reposting competitions
    Usually the rules of such contests mean that 1 personal account is allowed to make 1 repost. Bypass this system. Sign up 10-20 new accounts with different names and phone numbers. That way you increase your chances of winning.
  2. Use viral marketing
    If you have a product or service, you can use fake accounts to spread it. Write reviews as from real people, buyers of your product.

switzerland phone number

What is a virtual number?

First of all, let’s understand what a fake number is?
A fake number is a working cell phone number that you use for profitable purposes. For example, registration on services for further earnings. But about that later.

The best fake numbers for registrations — virtual

Follow simple rules

Fake account registrations can indeed bring you high earnings. However, it is important to stick to two simple rules.

  1. Buy numbers only from a trusted company
  2. Use different names for registration on the same service even if you use different virtual numbers
    Imagine the suspicion of 300 registrations of Ivan Ivan in the same day with different phone numbers. The remark applies, of course, to any service or platform.

switzerland phone number

How do you get around account blocking?

  1. First, fill in the account description: login and name
    This will allow your account to be mistaken for a live person’s account. In addition, the service algorithms will not consider you a bot, hide the page and additionally check.
  2. Add a photo to your avatar
    You can do this by clicking on the photo circle at the top of your profile description. It is better to put a picture of a live person. You can find any photo on free stock photo services. These are platforms where photographers post their photos for free to the public. Using materials from these sites does not constitute copyright infringement.
  3. Post 4-6 photos in your account and sign them
    Post a photo and short description once a day. This will let you know that you are a live person who has recently started an account.
  4. Subscribe to someone
    Get a few bloggers or strangers to subscribe to. The main thing is that the number of subscriptions should not be zero. This is repulsive and immediately shows that the account is fake.
  5. Wait until you have 5-10 people subscribing to you
    Like or ask unfamiliar accounts to subscribe to your new page.

Virtual numbers help you avoid a lot of problems

  1. No need to leave home
    You don’t have to go to the nearest cell phone carrier store to buy a virtual number. All you need is Internet access to make your purchase.
  2. Your data is 100% safe
    Quality virtual number companies respect the privacy agreements of individuals. One such company is SMS MAN. Your data is not shared with the services you purchase the numbers for or third parties.
  3. Prompt assistance of technical support
    The SMS MAN team of developers and operators is always ready to help and solve even the most complicated questions.

How do you buy a virtual number from SMS MAN?

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website

  2. Choose the country: Switzerland

  3. Select the service you want to register

  4. Buy a number

  5. Register in required service using purchased number
  6. Request an sms code to be sent to the virtual number
  7. Enter the number that comes to the SMS MAN website
  8. Use your new account, registered with a switzerland phone number

SMS MAN gives you the opportunity to register with virtual numbers on all platforms and services

We’ve already written about how to sign up for InstagramTelegramSteamTinderPayPalGoogleAOLBlizzard, and other platforms.

Your account won’t get blocked, you don’t use physical SIM cards. And you don’t have to worry about the platform banning the use of your personal phone for registrations.

Take care of your time, which you can spend to eliminate blockages, as well as mental health and nerve cells, which are very slow to recover 🙂

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