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How to register on Truecaller without mobile number

Resing accaunt Truecaller

Truecaller is a modern mobile application. It is suitable for Android users. It is an extensive phone book with the necessary information about the contacts. The application identifies the number of the caller who is calling. This will protect the caller from unwanted calls and annoying sms. How to sign up for Truecaller without a phone number is explained in this article.

Application for call tracking

Every time an unknown number calls, we are faced with a choice: to pick up the phone or not? People get tired of constant advertising campaigns, social surveys and aggressive sales pitches. On the other hand, there is the possibility of missing an important and necessary call. A special app called Truecaller was created to solve such problems.

w callerid

Once the app has been installed on the device, contacts from the phone book are automatically added to the servers. There, the numbers are compared to those already added and if there is a match, their rating is increased. You now have access to a shared database of phone users around the world.

Truecaller Registration.

In order to register with Truecaller without a phone number, you need to use services that sell virtual numbers. For example, the site Sms-man, there you can buy a number to register at Truecaller from $0.12

Let’s discuss in details how to use Sms-man:

smsman register

  • Send a deposit to the service using one of the payment systems on offer. Rubles, dollars, and even cryptocurrencies are accepted here.
  • Go to the main page and click on the icon of the trading platform needed.


  • You will see a list with a large quantity of available virtual numbers. Pick one of them. Confirm the receipt, and it will be automatically added to your personal account.
  • Copy the number and paste it in the appropriate tab when registering at the Truecaller.
  • Go back to, open your personal profile and click “Get SMS”.
  • Enter the activation code, which you will get for confirmation, in the registration form.

In addition, we have a telegram channel in which you can get a number for free!
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