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How to open Paddy Power account without phone number

Paddy Power account

Betting has been one of the most popular entertainments in the world for a long time. Millions of people make small or big bets on their favorite teams every weekend using the Paddy Power account and other options. But some of those who love sports can’t do this due to mandatory verification which among other things includes confirming their phone number by receiving and entering confirmation text. In this article, we will show how to solve this issue with SMS-Man.


Irish betting service

Paddy Power is a betting company that was established more than 30 years ago in Dublin. Since its appearance, it has been constantly developing its service day after day to provide players with a better gaming experience. Nowadays it has licensed betting shops in both Ireland and the United Kingdom and offers its users an online gaming service that includes sports betting, poker, casino, and other games. So at the moment, this platform has everything for an interesting pastime.

Mandatory phone number verification

There is no issue with using this app without providing a phone number. Everyone can create an account and make bets and play some poker or other games not facing any troubles. But like in the case of every other betting service it is not possible to withdraw from there any winnings without going through the verification process. It is mandatory due to security purposes. But what to do if a real phone number is not available or for some reason cannot be used to solve this task? We have been helping to solve this issue for a long time. The simple and affordable solution is below.

How to verify Paddy Power account without phone number using SMS-Man service

The biggest disadvantage of real phone numbers is that they cannot be used for verification on some apps due to their country code or simple unavailability to receive text messages.

1. Go to homepage and open the signup form.


2. Enter email address alongside with password and create an account or log in using one from the presented social media platforms.


3. Add funds to the balance with the desired payment method.


4. Jump back to the main page and choose phone number parameters.

5. Click the buy button.

As result, you will receive a virtual phone number to open Paddy Power account. Put it on the application and request a verification code. To check the received text message just click the get SMS button. It will reveal a verification code that can be used to complete the account registration or verification process.

To open another account just get a new phone number repeating all the steps from above. You can verify as many profiles as you need without facing any restrictions from our side. We are always open to bulk buyers.
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