Buy an Italian virtual phone number from 14 cents
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How to buy an Italian virtual number at the lowest price and without any risks?

italian virtual number featured is an online store, which offers disposable numbers for passing activation on all sorts of websites. So, we can help you complete registration on Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Paypal, Gmail, and hundreds of other services. At the same time, our prices are the most attractive on the web. For example, you can buy an Italian virtual phone number from $0,14.

An Italian virtual number from our store vs. a free disposable number from the Web

Some clients wonder what for to pay for such a fake number when there are so many websites, which offer it for free. To start with, you should carefully think over what for would anyone provide you with it for free. In most cases, such offers are used just to attract your attention. And, afterward, you will be redirected to a page offering a paid number. And, if you manage to get it for free, you must be aware of potential risks. For example, someone may get access to your number and, consequently, to your account. Or there is a risk that a message with a code for activation may be sent right to the home page of a website and all the other users will see it as well.

On the other hand, if you turn to our company, we will provide you with a clean and personal number, which will be accepted by any website without any questions asked. It will not raise any suspicions. Also, our system will block it as soon as you receive your message with an activation code. So, the account created will be 100% safe. No one will be able to log into it except you.

Why is it better to buy an Italian virtual phone number than a new SIM card?

Why is it better to buy a virtual phone number than a new SIM card?

The key argument is that it is much cheaper. As we have already mentioned, at our store, prices start from 14 cents. The final price depends on the service, on which you want to pass SMS verification, so it may be higher a bit. But, in any case, it will be at least a dozen times lower than that of any SIM card.

In addition, if you decide to use an Italian virtual number from our website, you will get absolute anonymity. You will not need to provide any private information. To register on our source, you will need to enter only your email. We will ask you neither about your name nor your real phone number.

How to get an Italian virtual phone number in 4 easy steps?

  1. Create your personal account to become our client.

Register at to buy an Italian virtual phone number from $0,14

2. Deposit your balance to try our services.

Deposit your balance to order an Italian virtual phone number

3. To make your first purchase, open the home page and find a country needed.

4. Then, decide on which service you want to open a profile.

Choose for which service you will use your Italian virtual number

5. Afterward, you can copy the Italian virtual number and paste it into the sign-up form. A verification code will be sent to your cabinet at our store. You will see the button “Get SMS” next to your number in the tab “Request History”. Just press it after the website selected sends you a message with a code.

Copy your code and paste into the sign-up form

We do not set any limits for our clients. You can use our service to pass SMS verification as many times as you need. The only rule is to buy a new number for each activation.

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