How to get a virtual Japanese phone number online
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How to get a virtual Japanese phone number online

Japanese virtual number SMS

Going back to the sources of the Rising Sun Japanese virtual number can help you solve many of the issues related to promoting a business. Feel free to take advantage of the messengers and social networks of the Eastern countries. Be in touch with resellers and your partners. At the same time, it provides just such an opportunity so you can be anywhere. Getting Japanese virtual number is much more profitable than buying a SIM card. Read our article to understand what other benefits this feature brings to the table.

Japanese virtual phone number for residents of other countries

Japan is a country, as in the previous years, still remains mysterious for the inhabitants of other countries. This state, located on the islands, rightfully occupies a place in the top ten countries that are ahead of the modern world foundations. It uses Japanese virtual number all over the place. All these conditions such sufficiently developed infrastructure, steadiness in the economy and a high level of income of the country’s inhabitants are indicative for starting cooperation and opening your own business.

Do you need to get relationship back on track with Japanese audience? The SMS-Man service already provides an opportunity to get a Japanese virtual number. A very important feature of businessmen is the desire to show the reliability of the services provided and decency. They do not make unsubstantiated statements.


SMS-Man could strongly recommended to use virtual Japanese phone number at work. And our service follows the same principles. In addition, your presence on the islands of Japan is considered a completely optional condition. To start using it, you can be anywhere in the world. In the interim, your customers will think that you are in Japan.

SMS-MAN in hand

Our resource has repeatedly proven its reliability in work. This can be confirmed by thousands of regular customers. Stuff continues to be purchased by customers and users in many countries around the world. We recommend that you do the same to assess the quality of the services provided.

Being in the CIS countries, it is problematic to find Japanese virtual number SMS. And it would not work in this area. However, here you can purchase it. This will be prefixed with +81.


You can use your mobile number at your discretion. You will not be able to make a free call, but other options are available. For example, you can receive SMS messages from instant messengers / social networks / other service websites where you need to receive an SMS activation code. The SMS-Man service works wherever you have Internet. The city of your current location is no longer important.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness

You spend significantly less than you would pay for the service of a real telecom operator. All because the operator connects the maximum markup for communication. Think of the cost issue as an important point. Be careful. Today, overspending does not always ensure the quality of service. 

In addition, it does not require the use of SIM card. That is, you do not need any additional equipment. Internet access is sufficient. The device used in the work also does not matter. You choose a smartphone / tablet / personal computer. 

Benefits of SMS-MAN service

It will not be difficult to buy a Japanese virtual number for registration in instant messengers and social networks. A huge number of service options will be presented to your attention. You can get numbers without restrictions.

Replenishment of the balance on the service is made through several electronic payment systems. Use a bank card or your cryptocurrency account. You can easily find a suitable option. The resource works in automatic mode, and the replenishment occurs automatically. There are no delays.

Another significant plus of our service is the cost of rooms. It costs just 16 cents.

Buy a Japanese virtual number from $0,16

Do not limit yourself. To promote your services and products, you can use dozens of social media accounts. To register each of them, you can easily get a separate cell phone number. The financial costs will be minimal.

The user interface of the service is easy to use. Go through a quick registration and in a few minutes, you will be able to buy it. It is available 24/7, which allows you not to think about possible problems.

Complete anonymity and confidentiality of your data is another significant plus. No verification required. To complete the registration, it is enough to indicate e-mail address and password to enter the personal account of the service.

How to purchase a virtual Japanese virtual number on SMS-Man?

Would you like to use our service? That is no problem at all. Everything is as simple as possible. There are just a few steps you need to take to buy it:

  1. Register on the SMS-Man.
  2. Deposit funds to the internal account of the service.
  3. On the main page find the service you are interested in; for example, LINE.

Buy a virtual Japanese phone number for Line

4. Above the list of countries, write “Japan” and click on it.

Get a Japanese virtual number SMS from the online store Sms-man

5. Indicate the Japan number issued by the service when registering in LINE, and receive a message with a verification code in the “Request history” tab.

Copy the Japanese virtual number you bought at

How to get Japanese phone number for free?

You can’t do it easily with the help of our Telegram channel with a free phone numbers! There is also possible to get fresh phone numbers from other countries to receive verification code from any app. Try it out!
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