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A Skype virtual phone number: a step-by-step guide on how to get it

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Skype is a famous messenger, which is used by millions of people from different corners of the world. It offers messaging, as well as voice and video calls. Its basic features are provided to users free of charge.

One should note that many users need more than one account on this platform. They may use additional profiles both for personal purposes and for promoting their businesses. In any case, for every extra account, a user needs a Skype virtual phone number. According to the policy of the service, you are not allowed to link your number to multiple accounts. At the same time, buying multiple SIM cards is too expensive. So, you had better use disposable virtual numbers in such cases.

You can purchase them via the Internet in online mode. The store Sms-man offers the lowest Skype virtual number cost on the market. Here, you can buy a Skype virtual number from $0,04. And, as for messages with verification codes, you can receive them in your personal cabinet on our platform.

Why should you buy a virtual phone number on Sms-man?

Why should you buy a Skype virtual phone number on Sms-man?

Why do our clients choose our source? One should mention the following factors in the first place:

  • our website offers a minimal Skype virtual number cost;
  • making purchases at our online store is easy – it takes just a few clicks;
  • a huge selection of countries and services to fit every user’s needs;
  • SMS messages are displayed in a personal cabinet instantly after they are sent by services;
  • an immense base of numbers.

Also, one should mention that, if you decide to use an online wallet for depositing your balance, the minimum payment limit will be only $0,14.

Why should one avoid using a free Skype virtual number?

On the Web, there are platforms where you can get a Skype virtual phone number for free. But you should not use such offers. First of all, free virtual numbers get available in limited amounts, so their supplies quickly get over. Secondly, no one can guarantee their safety. What for to put the security of your Skype account at risk when we offer disposable numbers for this messenger for a dime a dozen? More to the point, we guarantee that, if you choose Sms-man, you will pass activation without any problems.

A Skype virtual number: instructions on the registration

Let us discuss in detail how to make an account on this messenger with the help of our service:

  1. Start with creating a personal cabinet. For registration, you will be asked to enter your email address and to invent a password.

Sign up for Sms-man

2. Go to the “Payment” tab and deposit your account. You can see how to get in it on the screenshot below.

Deposit your Sms-man balance to buy a Skype virtual number

3. You need to choose a convenient payment method. There are several variants available. Be sure to specify the sum in the window. Note that the minimum sum for payments with a bank card is $1,27, for all the other methods – $0,13.

Make a payment to buy a virtual number

4. Return to the home page and choose a country of a mobile operator and the messenger needed.

Buy a virtual phone number on Sms-man

5. Certainly, you need to copy your number, so go to the tab “Request History”.

Copy your virtual phone number from Sms-man

6. The next step is to register on Skype. In general, the procedure is the same for the mobile application, the program for computers, and the web version. In the course of registration, you will see the window for linking your mobile number. Enter the Skype virtual phone number you bought and press “Send code”.

Register via a Skype virtual phone number

7. Now, you need to return to Sms-man. Find the tab “Request History” again. The notification with your activation code will be displayed there just click on “Get SMS”.

Receive a code to your Skype virtual phone number online

8. Then copy the code from the column “SMS”. It is required for the activation of an account. After that, the disposable number will get unavailable.

The service Sms-man allows purchasing as many disposable numbers for this messenger as you need and safely use them for registration.

A Skype virtual phone number: a step-by-step guide on how to get it
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A Skype virtual phone number: a step-by-step guide on how to get it
Purchase a Skype virtual number for signing up for the messenger. See our detailed instructions on how to buy a disposable number registered in the USA, Canada, Russia, or any other country.
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