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How to use a virtual number for Imo?

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Imo is one of the best messengers available on the market today. It is a convenient tool for instant messaging, free audio and video calls to loved ones around the world, and sharing various files, including music and videos. It is also a convenient platform for video meetings with up to 20 people.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this application is the requirement to pass SMS-verification for registration. Of course, most users understand that this requirement is related to security issues. In this way, the administration wants to prevent fraudsters from creating multiple accounts and using them for illegal activities. However, this rule also compromises the privacy of ordinary users. When a user ties a number to their account, it is displayed on their profile so that other users can see it. Obviously, this is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

That is why the overwhelming majority of users strive to circumvent this demand. A popular variant is to buy a separate SIM card for this particular platform. But that is too costly for most people.

So, Sms-man offers you a much cheaper method – to buy a virtual number for Imo. On our source, it will cost you just about $0,20. That is much cheaper than any SIM card, isn’t it?

How to create an account with a virtual number for Imo?

How to create an account with a virtual number for Imo?

  1. Go to the main page of our online store and register.

Register at to buy a virtual number for Imo

2. To make purchases on our source, deposit your balance.

Deposit your balance on Sms-man to buy a virtual number for Imo

3. Afterwards, you can buy a virtual number for Imo on the home page.

Purchase a virtual number for Imo at

4. Before you go to the messenger, copy the number you bought.

Copy your virtual number for Imo from

5. If you do not have Imo on your smartphone, download it from their official website.

Download the Imo app to your smartphone

6. You will see the form for linking your number right after you start the app. Enter the virtual number for Imo you got at our store.

Enter a virtual number for Imo in the registration form

7. Then, receive the code on our website – in the tab “Request History”.

Get a verification code to your virtual number for Imo

8. After you paste it into the app, you will be offered to create a login. Now, the sign-up procedure is over. So, you can make your first audio or video call to test the service.

If you need more than one account there, no problem. Buy another virtual number for Imo from our online store and go through the registration procedure once more. We do not set any limits – you can use our service for online activation as many times as you need.You can also get registration number for free in our Telegram channel. 

Besides, you can use it to sign up for other platforms, like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat. We sell disposable numbers for registration on more than 500 different websites.

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