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Gmail create second account: detailed instructions and useful tips

Google services enjoy gigantic popularity around the whole world. YouTube, Google Play, Gmail – to use all these platforms, you need to have a Google account. Google services are the most effective tools for promoting goods and businesses on the Internet. That is why every day millions of Internet users ask the question: “How to sign up for one more or multiple Gmail accounts?”.

The easiest and the most effective method is to buy a virtual number for registering multiple accounts Google. This solution will allow you both to create more than one Gmail account and sign up for other services offered by this legendary American IT company.

On our website, one virtual number for Google will cost you only $0,08. You can pay for it in dollars, rubles, or cryptocurrency via various payment systems.

Our website is very user-friendly, so it will be easy for you to create multiple Gmail accounts. But even if you have any problems or questions, our client support specialists will provide you with assistance via our chat without any delays.

How to register Gmail 2 accounts with the help of (instructions)

We have compiled a detailed guide so that it is even easier for you to create second Google account:

  1. Register at by filling in 4 lines:

2. Deposit your balance.

3. Then, return to the main page, scroll it down a bit, and find “Google” in the list of services.

4. To get the number, click on the button “Buy”.

5. Now, go to and press “Create account”.

6. Fill in all the personal information required:

7. Now, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. So, return to, go to “Profile”, and open “Request History”. There, you can copy the virtual number bought and paste it into the registration form on Google. Afterward, click “Next”.

8. You will be sent an SMS with a verification code. To receive it, press “Get SMS” in the section “Request History”.

9. Copy the code and paste it on Google.

So, you’ve got a new profile on Google. You can use it to sign up for YouTube, Google Play, and other related services. There is no need to limit yourself to two Gmail accounts only. Our website allows you to make an unlimited number of profiles. If you want to have more accounts, you just need to buy more virtual numbers.
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