Fake WhatsApp accounts for $0,08

How to create a fake WhatsApp number without a SIM card?

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Today, WhatsApp messenger enjoys huge popularity. In fact, about 50% of smartphone users install it. Besides, many users create more than one account for different kinds of purposes.

Such fake profiles are used for sending out advertisements, inflating a number of subscribers, creating fake chats, as well as for the sake of anonymity. Also, some people may create fake WhatsApp Android or iOS for fraudulent purposes. Still, our article is definitely intended for other purposes.

As of now, you can register on this messenger via a mobile number only. But it is too costly to buy a separate SIM card for this app. Thus, the question arises: how to create WhatsApp fake iOS or Android at the cheapest price?

The answer is very simple – to use a temporary number for WhatsApp registration. On the Sms-man service, you can buy a fake WhatsApp number for $0,08 only. The registration with the help of such a temporary number is similar to the creation of an account with a usual SIM card. But you will receive an SMS with a code in your personal cabinet on our website.

Our store offers a wide selection of mobile operators, so you can create fake WhatsApp profiles linked to almost any country in the world. You can pay for them both in dollars and in rubles using varied payment systems.

How to buy a fake WhatsApp number?

On the website sms-man.com, you can create fake WhatsApp web or mobile within 1-2 minutes. Please, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the website sms-man.com and sign up.

2. Deposit your account via Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash, or Coinbase.

3. Find “WhatsApp” in the list on the main page and click on the button “Buy” next to it.

4. Now, go to “Profile” – “Request History” and copy the number bought.

5. Start the messenger on your smartphone and paste the number into the corresponding field.

register WhatsApp

6. To receive a message with a code, return to sms-man.com and go to “Request History”.

7. Press “Get SMS”.

8. Copy the code and paste it into the field on WhatsApp.

sign up WhatsApp

In fact, you have managed to register fake WhatsApp online within 2 minutes and for $0,08 only. If you need to create more profiles, use the guide above, but get a separate number for each account.

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blockages from sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of getting a verification code. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address that corresponds to the country of the number you register your account with.

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